Wednesday, June 03, 2009

PIZZA Delivery

This is a post purely out of sheer shock and anger on the plight of the so called PIZZA delivery boys. I was driving back home from the office amidst decent traffic, i saw this young boy in his late teens or early twenties driving the by now famous bike with the big red box marked with "PIZZA HOME DELIVERY". I could very clearly see that he neither had any sense of traffic rules nor had any sense of safety for him/fellow people moving along.

Just then my concentration was stuck on the way he was driving in front of me, the unthinkable happened. He went and hit a vehicle in front and fell down heavily on the road. My god, he hit the road with such a force i am sure he must have broken couple of bones at minimum. Some folks who were walking along the way came to his rescue and picked this poor fellow up who was struggling hard to walk. slowly, he dragged himself to the edge of the road, holding his left elbow with his other hand and sat down on a sidewalk. I was stuck right behind him, as his bike was laying on the road and couple of other folks were trying to take it off the road. I doubted if the bike would have been on the boy's mind as i could still see him crying badly holding his elbow. No one was around him and i don't know why suddenly i imagined a old mother and a young sister crying around this boy.

As this is not the first time i see such rash driving from these PIZZA delivery boys, the one question popped in my mind was who/what is to be blamed, is it the poverty that pushes these boys for such a dangerous job, or is it the greedy marketing strategy of delivering pizza's in 30-45 minutes or is it the mentality of the buyer to expect it to be delivered at the shortest time no matter how it's being delivered or is it the apathy in the society that no one bothers about fellow beings. Whatever may be it, this needs to change, someone somewhere has to take a step to avoid such mishaps from happening.

All these thoughts were shattered and i was brought back to reality by a honk from behind. Whilst I started moving slowly couldn't avoid one final look at this boy who was still holding his hand and crying.

The irony was his shirt color was bright red as if to indicate the dangers in his job. Still wondering where he would be now and hoping that he is not seriously injured. God bless him!

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Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Ah thats really sad to hear dude. After reading you post, I felt how blessed are we and still we are cribbing on promotions and pay hikes. I wish he is alright.

I am a proud


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