Wednesday, April 30, 2008

U, ME aur HUM

"Karthik i might not come for the party this Saturday", Rupa told over the phone.

"I know you wouldn't, so i have already informed the junta" replied karthik.

"That's my man, you know about me so much...." She sounded excited.

"Hey, i forgot to get the saree for my mom, may be i'll go today and get it" Karthik was irritated with himself.

"I know you'd dumbo, that's why i bought it yesterday itself, come home and pick it up" She replied cheerfully.

This is Karthik & Rupa in a nut shell. They've been the best of mates for many years now. They both went to school, college together. Now both of them work in the IT industry. Though both are in different organizations Karthik knows all Rupa's friends and vice versa. Everyone was jealous about their relationship.

whatever be the things Rupa and Karthik would never forget to discuss it with each other before taking a decision.

Karthik went to her place the next day to get the saree she'd bought for his mother. He was greeted by her mother..

"Come in Karthik, howz all @ home?" she enquired

"All are fine aunty, Rupa there" he was particular to meet Rupa.

"Why you wont talk to us?" His mother made fun 2 him..

"Come on can u ask such questions"

"kiddin son...u can't leave without having lunch today" she ordered and went in.

Karthik was a well known person for rupa's family, in fact more like one in the family. He never felt an outsider to their family and same was the case with Rupa @ Karthiks. He walked straight into Rupa's room.

Rupa was sitting on the swing on the balcony with her Robin Cook novel.

"Hey! wassup?" he tried to get her attention...

She turned back and came with a big smile on her lips and came running....

"Karthi, missed u dumbo, we haven't met in 3 days you know?" She sounded desperate.

"What to do Rups, lotsa work and appraisal time you know..."

Karthik always liked being missed by Rupa. He looked at her talking with him but for him all he could see was Rupa. There she was, his angel in front of his eyes sitting and talking to him. He did not hear a single word, instead Phil Collins was singing "Another day in Paradise" on his ears. He kept looking at her without uttering a single word. Rupa was talkin non stop, he could see her excitement in the face. Talking about the face, who else can have such an impeccable face.She was wearing a plain white tops and a long blue skirts. She had her hair tied up in a knot behind. The mere sight of her in front of him created frenzy in his mind.

"Look at her eyes man" he thought. "It looks surreal, how can a eye say so many things at a time, Nose pointed straight, sharp and perfectly chiseled. And, then the lips, oh boy! they must have been made from strawberries". He saw those cute little earrings dangling on her ears dancing to her every movement of head. Karthik could not resist his imaginations.....

"Man, i must be the luckiest person in the whole world that i got Rupa, She is mine...mine and mine only" his heart was screaming as if he was Jack of Titanic.

"Thud..." He was brought back to senses by Rupa, who gave a playful slap on his cheeks.

"Hey dumbo....what are you thinking? I am telling you seriously and you're silent?? I was asking you about me talking to my parents about marriage??"

"Thinking about you.. and me..." he said to himself.

"What about whatever i said now....are you ok with it? Can i proceed and talk to my parents about marriage?"

Karthik was literally flying in air, he could not believe what he heard just now. He was waiting for this moment for a long long time.

"Go ahead Rups, if that what you want. But, careful they might misunderstand. be patient whatever be their reaction on this..." He said to her..

"Sure honey...this is why i asked make me feel so comfortable..i need it all through my life..You're an angel, sweet rascal, Darling" She hugged him...

"Okies, get me the saree, i shall pack it in my luggage otherwise i might forget when i leave tonight" though he didn't want to get out of her arms, he had to....

Karthik was leaving the country for couple of months on an assignment.

"I would try to call you in between, but if iam not able to please dont mind. I would just be thinkin of you" He said to her...

"Me too...would miss you the next 2 months, i wish you were here to help me go through this time when i talk to my parents" she sounded dull...

She opened the draw and gave a gift wrapped package. She said "it's a copper sulphate color mysore silk saree. Don't open it to see...".

"You're the best Rups..." he said thinkin that is mom is lucky to get such a daughter in law.

"That i am...." she said "Karthi, Take try to call me.." She was almost in tears amidst her smile...

"u 2 dear..." he left...

The next two months turned out to be the most tough period in Karthik's life. The work pressure was so much that he lost few kgs of weight and he was so tired mentally and physically. More than that the feeling of staying away from Rupa tormented him. He had successfully completed his assignment and had confirmed the return flight tomorrow. He called rupa to inform her that he is coming back.

Karthik dialled Rupa's number using a calling card..

"you n this beautiful world..." he could hear her ring tone..

His heart was thumping hard to hear her voice after long time and also he was little scared about the decision of her parents. The past 2 months he never stopped thinking about that. But, somehow he was confident that everything would be perfectly fine.

"Hello...." the voice came at the other end..

"Rups....its me Karthik"

"Karthik...this is aunty..Rupa had gone for shopping...she forgot her mobile at are you son?"

"Fine aunty and all of you ??" he enquired back

"All are fine. I was little angry with you and rupa. you people hide this from us. At least you could have told na about the relationship...when are you coming we're all waiting for you"

Karthik felt happiness like he never felt looks like everything is fine, he thought.

"I am coming tomorrow, i called to inform that only..."

"Come home straight, don't have to go to your room." aunty said much to his elation.

"sure aunty, try to send Rupa to the airport na...8:45 arrival" he said..

" will she not come..." aunty replied.

"Ok aunty... fine will catch you all tomorrow. My calling card is over and i dont have another one. bye .." he hung up.

Three months went by and now they are in the wedding hall. Karthik was standing next to Rupa and Rupa was adjusting his shirt collar and was introducing him to everyone on the dais.

"This is Karthik..Didn't i tell you all that he would wear this color know he knows everything about me and me about him..we both were made for each other. I can even tell what he thinks right now and so does he...We both have such a bonding over the years."

Karthik looked at her and handed over the gift to newly wed couple Rupa and Siddharth wishing them a wonderful married life.

Rupa said "Whats this formality dumbo..." she put her arms around his arms and posed for the photo.

"When you can understand me on everything, how could you not see the feeling i had for you all these days Rups" Karthik's inner voice asked Rupa....

"Smile please..." The photographer was ready to click...

Karthik tried his best in vain. There he was posing for a photograph on his sweetheart's wedding trying to hide the tears getting caught in the photo..

Monday, April 21, 2008

Silver lining...

"Final call for the flight LA345...passengers please proceed to gate number C15" the crew lady announced on the microphone.

"Excuse me...excuse...." Divya waded her way through the people who were busy waiting for their flights and those who were busy walking around the terminal..

Finally she managed to squeeze herself just in the nick of the time before the hostess could close the door of the flight.

"I am sorry!" Divya smiled at the hostess...

"That's ok M'am can i see your boarding pass?" She was polite and looked at the pass Divya showed her.

"This way to your right m'am, fourth row on the left she pointed towards the seat on the economy class.

"Thanks very much!" Divya walked towards her seat.

The flight was not full due to the off season. Divya made herself comfortable in her seat and turned to the guy sitting next to her and said "Hey! am i late ? sorry..."

"That's okay dear, i was little worried that you might not turn up..." the guy said.

The guy sitting next to her was none other than Shekar, smart, athletic and had that special something that every girl would find it hard to resist. No wonder Divya couldn't resist either. Divya and Shekar were in love and they both had planned to get married.

"Are you tensed?" He asked her

"A lot, not sure if i am really ready for this..." Divya said searching for something in her handbag.

it turned out to be a tissue which she used to wipe her forehead and turned back to Shekar and said

"Strange to see the flight empty..."

"Yeah, weekday and not a season time also...but why do you think you're not ready" he came back to the topic.

"I dunno..quite a few things..." she was in a thoughtful mood..


"What...." she missed his question....

"I asked like what.." he was not ready to leave either....

"Like....would i get the same love and affection that we shared all these days after would i get the same sharing and caring that you gave all these days before marriage..."

"why do you think you'll not get these...." he retorted

"Don't you know Shekar...what's wrong in me getting worried about things not to change" she argued...

'Divvy...nothing would change..everything would remain same.....dont you have to worry..." he comforted her...

" can you say that?" She seemed tense...

It took lots of time for Shekar to convince divya for this marriage. She was vehemently against this and was worried that her life would change completely upside down once she gets married. Shekar used to be surprised how Divya can be so against marriage after being in love with him for more than three years. Shekar had to spend so much of time with divya to make her understand marriage is aprt of life and no one can escape that. Also, he had to tell it's such a nice bonding between two people which every person should go through in life. And, finally one day he was able to break the code and make Divya accept. Here they're leaving to India for marriage.

The next couple of hours went in silence with Divya closing her eyes thinking about the marriage to come and Shekar. Shekar didn't want to disturb her and so was watching the silver lining on the clouds through the window.

"Passengers attention please..." the stewardess announced bring back Divya and Shekar to thier senses...

"We're starting the landing procedures, kindly keep your seat belts fastened and bring your seats to a upright position"

Divya was watching the stewardess checking each row by walkin on the aisle.

Shekar turned and looked at Divya, she seemed little clear from her face.

The flight landed with a heavy thud....and was slowing down...

"outside temperature...." the announce ment continued...

People were busy getting up from their seats to pick up their luggage....

Divya looked at Shekar and said "This is it..."

"Yes sweety, this is turning backs now...we'd decided on this together" he held her hands....

"Yes no turning backs..." she hugged him tight....

After a while, when the crowd had cleared a bit, Divya got up and took her luggage and got ready to move...

She turned back and said "I hope you'd be watching every moment from now on....Though you're no more today it was your words that kept me driving in life and now this marriage too...It was you who showed me that i had the strength in me to see life without you...I love you and would do so till i breathe my last..." tears were rolling down her cheeks as she saw the faint image of Shekar vanishing before her eyes...

Divya wiped her tears and kept walking towards her new life thinking about her love life with Shekar, the accident that took the life of Shekar, the days when she thought her life had come to a standstill, the days when she imagined Shekar to be with her and the words Shekar told to convince her for a marriage with Rishi. Everything was like a dream to her. As we walked out of the airport lounge, She saw Rishi waiting with a flower bouquet in his hands waving at her.

She saw the silver lining on the sky......

Sapling !

It had always been Raghav's wish that he adopted a child right from his college days not sure though why. Thankfully for him he got an understanding wife in Vinitha who had supported his idea of adopting even before they had their own kid.

They searched all over the country in various cities and towns to finalize Nethra. She was in an orphanage in Chennai. The baby was fair and cute. The moment Raghav and Vinitha saw the baby's eyes they knew it was their elder daughter.
That eyes said the story of her needing a parents, her loneliness, her desire to live in this world just like any other human being. Vinitha bent down and looked at the baby, she could see her own eyes swelling up with tears in the baby's small eyes.

"Netra...." She called faintly...

Raghav looked at his wife proudly....

"Netra..our princess..." She said looking at him..this time the tear drops managed to get out of her eyes and hit her cheeks.

"Netra is ours...honey..." Raghav held her hands firmly...

This was how it all happened 6 years back.

Now Vinitha was carrying her own baby, and the little
family was abound with joy. More than anyone else Nethra was really excited to have her own little brother or sister with whom she can play and feel that oneness. She was always curious and anxious about every little thing.

"Why is mummy's tummy big?" She would ask

"Because, that's where your li'l brother is sleeping"

"Why doesn't he come out"

"He'd very soon and you can see him too"

"you told i was sleeping in the cot when i came?" she frowned...

Raghav used to tell her the secrets of her birth and adoption by small stories that a kid can understand at its age and he wanted her to know that through him rather than someone else telling.

"yeah were sleeping in the cot like ...tell me what? he questioned her back..

"Princess..." she replied with a smile

"But, why i didn't sleep in mummy's tummy? She had no space in it?" Nethra continued..

"hmmmm yes dear..mummy had lotsa space for you in her heart and hence she carried you in her heart..." saying this he looked at Vinitha..

Vinitha gave a thankful smile and held Raghav's hands. Netra came running to Vinitha and hugged her.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Special Bday !!!

Yesterday being my B'day i thought it'd be just another day as it should have been.

But thanks to all of my good friends for having made it double special by arranging for double dhamaka celebrations.....

First the regular cake cutting at the office cafeteria and to make it even better the SURPRISE BASH @ SACHIN KA DHABHA with cake cutting and a dinner arranged by all of these nice fellas....Boy!! What fun we had.....

I know friends doesn't need formality but still from the bottom of my heart i wanted to say..."THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL DAY...and of course the wonderful gifts"

Thursday, April 17, 2008


"Enough! Don't start your non sense again...." Tanmay shouted at Deepa.

"Who started this??? " Deepa retorted

Deepa and Tanmay were married for 2 good years.

They worked at the same company. Tanmay liked Deepa for her assertive and confident outlooks, likewise Deepa too liked Tanmay
for his naughty cute ways. So, getting along was so easy and natural. Both of them knew that they were comfortable with each
other's company and yearned for more.
Soon Tanmay proposed to her over a coffee and she accepted without much fuss. So, here they're happily married, though the
situation today was not so happy..

"You were ready to do anything when we were not man and wife? now everything is non sense..." Deepa was angry...

"I don't have time for this now..." He sounded uninterested...

"When have you ever had time for me?"

"Deepa...what's happening to you? why are you getting so hyper for almost everything..."

By now, Deepa started crying and Tanmay never liked to see Deepa crying.

Couple of years back, in the office one of Deepa's colleague has said something to her which had hurt her so much that she
shouldn’t bear it and she called Tanmay for a cup of coffee and cried her hearts out to him. Tanmay couldn't stand to see her
sweetheart crying so he went straight to that guy and gave him his piece of mind. That was the last time the guy spoke to
Deepa. they both had hearty laugh about it quite often.

But, today is a different day. Deepa is crying and crying because of him and he could not do much about it. But, still he
didn't like the view of Deepa crying. such fights have become a regular story and it's not usual for Deepa to cry for such

"I am leaving....." he walked away without even looking at her, simply because he didn't want to get a glimpse of her face with

"Whatever....." she responded with words hardly coming out of her mouth as she was sobbing.

In the office, Tanmay was engulfed by work that he completely forgot what had happened at home in the morning. While he went
for evening coffee he was thinking that he should go home and console Deepa who'd have come from her work earlier. He thought
he'd say her sorry with a bunch of flowers and then lift her in his arms and say that he would do whatever she says to. After
that he could not wait to meet Deepa. Sharp @ 7:00 he picked up his car keys and said good bye to his friends who were
surprised to see his excitement and left. It was raining heavily outside and he could not see the road, yet he managed to
drive somehow just to get into the arms of his sweetheart. On the way he didn't forget to find a florist and get some flowers
drenched with raindrops.

upon reaching his home, he parked his car and went straight towards the door and pressed the bell.

"............", There was no response

He repeated it for couple of times with the same result.

He looked at the watch, 8:13pm the watch showed. aah, the rain and the traffic he thought. He took the keys from his pocket
and tried opening the door and it opened. Tanmay was confused, "Where's Deepa?" he thought, as he did he switched on the
lights and went to the fridge and had a gulp of water.

"It's raining heavily and she's not home. She never called even to say that she'd be late" he thought as his hands were busy
dialing her number.

"Sorry the subscriber could not be reached...." answered the voice of the lady to whom he'd given a face.

"What's this why is she not reachable ?" Tanmay asked himself and he started to get worried.

"She never cried for such things before..did i hurt her so much?" he was angry with himself..

He tried calling Suman her best friend in the office to find out about Deepa.

"Hi r you?"

"Hey fine and you?? Deep was dull today hope everything is fine at home?"

Tanmay was relieved at the same time worried. Relieved because he knew Deep went to office as usual and worried that she was
upset the whole day.

"All fine...Deep left?" he asked casually..

"yeah, she left early saying she had some everything really fine?" he could sense the worry in her voice

"Hey everything is perfect....i just casually checked..thanks will talk to you later"

"Bye Tanmay, any help call me...take care" she seemed not convinced.

"U too..." he hung up the phone.

Tanmay was really worried now and looked at his watch, time showed 8:55pm. He was not sure whom he should call at this time
with this heavy rains. He locked the door and took his car and went along the route how Dee paused to come by auto or by bus.
He could barely identify anyone on the route as it was still raining and he did not miss even single auto on the other side
to see if he can see Dee pain anyone of that. Every 5 minutes he didn't forget to call Deepa's number, just to hear the good
old lady's voice that the subscriber cannot be reached. He went till her office and then came all the way back to home
anxiously expecting the door to be open and Deepa standing at the entrance waiting for him.

But, he was out of luck...he could see the door locked.

By now his mind started rewinding his conversation with suman. "She left early saying she had some work...." the words kept
coming back to him.

"What could be so important that she left early....never hinted me anything.."

"Could it be that she came and packed her things and left me forever to her mother's place or somewhere?" he immediately
checked her luggage. It was intact. He told to himself "Deepa would never do that to me....or may be i hurt her so much and
she really took a decision" his mind was playing tricks with him.

Tanmay could not even think of a life missing Deepa, he can feel a lump in his throat and his eyes were battling hard to hold
on to that single drop of tear.

"May be she committed....or someone kidnapped..oh God! why am i thinking like this....." He was battling with his own mind..

"Deepu, just come to me....just gimme a call....don't leave me for whatever be the reason....." he was begging to himself...

He saw the watch again 10:37pm, he sat in the couch lookin at the flowers he had brought for her. The raindrops had gone dry
by now, but the roses were smiling at him just like Deepa used to when he tease her...

"I am sorry! i would never hurt you..please come to me..." his heart was screaming. He could understand the meaning of the
english words "helpless","lonely" what not. He could not sit there without Deepa, without her childish pranks on him, without
her dummy anger on him, without her affectionate scolding’s...

"Deepu, what's happening to me....come back to me....." he almost cried....

"you're my fire....the one desire...." his mobile ringed rather sang.......

Tanmay pounced to take his cell to see the words "Honey calling....". his heart started beating heavily..

"Hello, Deepa...where are you?" he kept asking...

"Hello..Tannu..." the voice was feeble...

"Deepa yeah go on... where are you?" he was restless

"Tannu....friend......rains.....caught....scared.." words were breaking, seems like network not following...

"Deepa, u r breaking...." he was getting desperate

"........Canal bunk road....." he could hear only that and the line went mute...

Tanmay promptly tried deepa's number, he seemed to be having a crazy knack of troubling the old lady..."subscriber could not
be reached"

He immediately took his keys and started to search for her again...."Canal bank road, why she went there...doesn’t she know
that little out of city...." he was thinking...

"she said something about caught..scared..God she must be safe...she is everything to me...please help..." his lips prayed..

The next 25 minutes seemed to be an eternity...

He turned left and the board showed "canal bank road". the road was dark and lonely, he felt it'd be horrible if he himself would have been stranded there...he could see shadow of a person alone under a tree with little light from the shop nearby.

He stopped the car and ran out towards that person..."it must be Deepa" he was telling to himself...

It was Deepa, looking at the other side worried to the core....constantly dialing her mobile and keeping it to her ears...

Tanmay was bit relaxed to see her standing there in one good piece....

just when he was about to call her, she turned towards him and came running to him and held him tight. she was crying,
"Tannu, i am standing here alone for the past 2 hours and i could not reach you as well.."

"I came to the mall nearby and thought of getting you your favorite brand of shirt as a gift and thought would make up with
you..left early from was raining heavily and when i was returning to home...the auto stopped and due to rains no
other auto came. After some time it was again raining heavily and i am waiting for some means to get back....." she finished
in one big sentence and started to cry......

"Honey...relax..relax.." he took her to the car and made her sit next to him and started to drive back home, firmly holding
her hands with one of his hands.

"Are you still angry with me....i am..." Deepa asked wiping her tears....

"shhh!! shhh!!..." He gently kissed her on her forehead and said "i would never be......ever....Sorry..." he confessed...

The rainy sky, dim lights, moving car and both in each other arm gave them the perfect setting for a most romantic drive.................

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Journey in the wind....

Vinay was late for the train, he was instructing the auto driver to hurry up. The summer season had started to arrive in Chennai and he could feel the heat and perspiration. Vinay works for a IT firm in bangalore and as every other software professional once in a month he travels to chennai over the weekend to catch up with his parents. He kinda like this weekend travels as he gets to see the buzz around him everytime with people moving from one place to another, thier urgency, irritation and all the different emotions like a package in whole.

"We'd reach central in time na?" Vinay asked the driver

"Almost there sir..." driver said in a comforting tone

In the next 5 minutes there they were CHENNAI CENTRAL. The view he saw, he would have seen it atleast a 1000 times in various movies. the red building stood majesticly in front of him floodlit everywhere.

He paid the driver and started running towards thinkin ab out which platform he need to go. He could see in the display boards that his train was about to leave and was on platform 5. He hurried past all the crowd who kept coming towards him as if they were desperately trying to stop him from boarding. Finally he manged to get into his compartment S4, he quickly checked his name in the list and there it was "27 Vinay M 28". He was about to get in before his eyes stopped at another name in the list "29 Aditi F 26".

Vinay was smiling and thoughtnot a bad gift afterall for hurriedly making to this train. He went in and plced his backpack on his berth and looked around for any good looking girl. He could see a family already ready to retire on thier births.

That exact moment the train had started. Vinay was worried about the unknown unseen Aditi, "May be she cancelled her trip or may be she missed the train like i would have...". As he let his thought fly by he was brought back to this world by a voice

"Excuse me..."

"Ah! sorry.." he moved and in the process he could not see the face of the girl who crossed him and was facing the opposite direction towards the window. He could see her hair with gentle curls and nice pony tail.

Aditya then got into his upper birth and plugged his earphones and started browsing a book he had with him....

The train started taking pace and he could feel the cool air coming from outside and of course ilayaraja's soul stirring song all made him feel relaxed and he went to sleep.

An hour later, vinay was woken up suddenly and was sweating a bit. He thought may be a bad dream and turned around that's when he suddenly reminded of Aditi. In the darkness of the compartment he was searching for her, all he could find was an empty middle birth. He knew straight away that it was her berth and may be she had gone to the restroom. After a 15 minute impatient wait for the unseen beauty he got up and slowly got down from his berth and moved towards the door of his compartment, not forgetting to check if the restroom is engaged.They were not...

He stood there near the door for few minuutes, thinkin about this mysterious girl Aditi.

"Take care you might fall...." his thoughts were disturbed by the voice came from behind.

Vinay turned back to see this girl standing lookin at the passing lights...

"Thanks! but iam ok...." he responded

There was a silence....

"Iam you work in bangalore?" He started the conversation thanking his luck for having got this opportunity

She was silent....

"Are you ok...." he asked

She turned back at him "yeah i work in bangalore...i am Aditi"

He could see her face in the dim light of the compartment. He felt the complete setting was perfect like a candle light dinner...where he was sitting opposite to her with her eyes glittering and her lips had that naughty smile...

".....ok bye" he could see her moving back to her seat.....

"Wow....whatta girl" he thought goin back to his seat.

He looked at the middle berth, much to his disappointment he saw her sleeping with blankets covering her completely.

Next morning, he got up at City junction and immediately saw the middle berth, she'd gone..left without a trace...

"she must have gotten down in Cantonment" he thought to himself and was thinking may be should have talked to her more the other night.

For the next few weeks his life went pretty normal until one fine day he saw Aditi with some guy in the forum mall near the PVR cinemas. He thought "there she is but this time with some guy...who could it be?"

while he was thinkin he could see her walking towards him, he thought she'd no way remember him and was acting as if he was not lookin at her.

"Hi u remember me....Aditi ??" she spoke to him only....

"Aditi...hmm the train..." he simulated a false recollection....

"yeah...this is Rohini and Ajay my friends....thot you'll not remember me" she seemed friendly

"For a sec i thot....anyways nice meeting yu guys...catchya me gotto go..." He didn't like to be around with she in the company of another guy....though there was another girl with them.

He walked away and around the corner of the fllor he slowly turned back and looked at her...there she was looking at him. Her look did something in him at the same time he was little embarassed that he was caught looking at her.

The next 3 days went in her thoughts and he wanted to know more about her, though he was constantly reminded of Rohit. That morning he was leaving for the office waiting for an auto...."Auto" he put his hands firmly before the coming auto.

The auto driver pulled up and Vinay saw the auto occupied and hence was looking for the next one.

"Vinay...watta surprise?? wanna join me for a ride?" Voice seemed familiar by now for was Aditi...

''s ok..."

"Come on where do yu wanna go ?" She asked almost instantly..

"Richmond circle" he slowly said

"I am goin to St.Marks road..hop in" she pulled him in...

Vinay did not know how to react for this extra friendly girl.....just got into the auto...they were discussing generally abt thier companies, where they stay etc etc...

"9886425362" my number....she gave

"Thanks..." he gave a missed call to her mobile

"9886111130 calling.... " the number flashed on her screen

"hey yu have hutch too ?" she seemed happy...

"yeah..gotto leave now bye" he got down

"Call me sometime...." Se waved goodbye..

Vinay was confused not knowing how to take this whole she really a nice girl ? is she really friendly or is she some kind of conwoman tryin to make friend and then trap me??" "or is it that she likes me..otherwise why would someone remember an acquaintance in a train journey and come this close" all kinds of thought were goin through him....

Vinay liked the feeling of thinking that she likes him....

That evening he got a call "Aditi calling..."


"hi Vinay..u free? thot of speakin to you..."

"Go on..."

"when would you leave the office ? can we go together? my roomie said she'd be late today so can you join me for dinner...feelin bored to eat alone" She was spontaneous

"err..sure..i'd love to.." he could get the words...

"Ok same place where i left yu in the 7:30" she hung up

"Wow..." Vinay could not believe his luck..he thought why would she want to have dinner with me when she has other friends...i am sure she likes me...

At 7:30 he was waiting for her in the corner....she came there in a bike with Ajay, who dropped her and waved good bye to both and left...

"Ajay is not joining us ?" vinay asked...

"No, i didn't tell him we're goin for dinner..." she seemed not interested in talking about him.

"Oh! ok..." "She wants to have dinner with me and not him.." Vinay was in a state of bliss...

They both walked to three quarter chinese restaurant and sat on a corner table...

"What would you start with ?" he asked...

"Anything of your choice.." she smiled back....

"How do i know what you like..." he asked her..

"Anything you get me i'd like..." she shot back...

"this is working..." he thought in his mind and ordered for a few starters and main course...

While they were talking he could not miss her looking at his smile, his mannerisms, his antics...

He decided she is my girl....should i tell her now what i feel ? he was askin himself....

"I'll's on me.." she brought him back..

"No way..i would take this opportunity to treat a sweet charming girl.." he said not sure from where these dialogues comes to him...

"No..but...i called you" she was reluctant..

"He gave his card tothe bearer and said forget it...whats in who pays...." and pushed her hands so that she could not give her card..

They both walked to the corner of the street took an auto and he got down at koramangala...while she left to her place...

Vinay was thinkin, this was the best day in his life..he found his girl....or may be just a crush? "No no.." he was trying to be strong.

the next week was very busy for him at the office, neither did he call Aditi nor he received any calls from her...but he wanted to talk to her,see her...he didn't call her thiking if i call her often she might think iam desperate.

Eight days later he felt little relaxed and thought he'd call her and talk, he dialled her number...some guy answered...

"Hello can i talk to Aditi?"

"Aditi...evaru...wrong number..." the other end went dead...

"Wrong number?? how could it be ? i spoke with her the other day...." He was confused and worried as well...

Vinay tried calling many times in vain and was desperate to find Aditi...

He was growing impatient and was tellin to himself

"may be i need to search in cantonment station... no no St.Marks road... or may be three quarter chinese...."

"Auto..yes i need to catch auto...."

that's when Vinay's old father came to him and held his son in a consoling way and said "dont worry my son we will...we will.." and gave him the tablets he needed to take in such situations...

Tears rolled down from his dad's eyes looking at his son who was suffering from schizophrenia.....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My First blog....

Hola Amigos

My first blog last i am into this community...

I am a proud


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