Monday, April 21, 2008

Sapling !

It had always been Raghav's wish that he adopted a child right from his college days not sure though why. Thankfully for him he got an understanding wife in Vinitha who had supported his idea of adopting even before they had their own kid.

They searched all over the country in various cities and towns to finalize Nethra. She was in an orphanage in Chennai. The baby was fair and cute. The moment Raghav and Vinitha saw the baby's eyes they knew it was their elder daughter.
That eyes said the story of her needing a parents, her loneliness, her desire to live in this world just like any other human being. Vinitha bent down and looked at the baby, she could see her own eyes swelling up with tears in the baby's small eyes.

"Netra...." She called faintly...

Raghav looked at his wife proudly....

"Netra..our princess..." She said looking at him..this time the tear drops managed to get out of her eyes and hit her cheeks.

"Netra is ours...honey..." Raghav held her hands firmly...

This was how it all happened 6 years back.

Now Vinitha was carrying her own baby, and the little
family was abound with joy. More than anyone else Nethra was really excited to have her own little brother or sister with whom she can play and feel that oneness. She was always curious and anxious about every little thing.

"Why is mummy's tummy big?" She would ask

"Because, that's where your li'l brother is sleeping"

"Why doesn't he come out"

"He'd very soon and you can see him too"

"you told i was sleeping in the cot when i came?" she frowned...

Raghav used to tell her the secrets of her birth and adoption by small stories that a kid can understand at its age and he wanted her to know that through him rather than someone else telling.

"yeah were sleeping in the cot like ...tell me what? he questioned her back..

"Princess..." she replied with a smile

"But, why i didn't sleep in mummy's tummy? She had no space in it?" Nethra continued..

"hmmmm yes dear..mummy had lotsa space for you in her heart and hence she carried you in her heart..." saying this he looked at Vinitha..

Vinitha gave a thankful smile and held Raghav's hands. Netra came running to Vinitha and hugged her.


Shylu said...

This too is a wonderful way of expression...

Ur descriptions and the way of putting it makes it very natural...

Great work!!

Chan said...

@ Shylu, Danke!!

I am a proud


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