Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never let go daddy...

In life mostly mothers are revered to such an extent that sometimes makes me feel that it's little unfair on the father. Nevertheless no one can deny the fact that both are so special and to be revered in different ways.

A mother's emotion is always there to see for everyone, whereas the dad's? They're supposed to be the bravest souls in front of their children. They just can't let out the vulnerable, emotional side of theirs in front of the family. Not a rule that they can't but they simply don't.

I just came across this video (may be old) in my FB and i was just touched (simply because i could relate this to my dad and may be someday i will be a father too)

Dedicating this to every single father and to be dads of this world. Special thanks to my friend who had shared this. Buddy you're a wonderful dad too!! Cheers to all!
#Note to self - Unakulla ippadi oru emotional side aa?? Yenna kodumai sir ithu!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Wild Weekend With Wife

Well! Now don't let the imaginations fly....

From right after the wedding, me and my wife were planning for a weekend getaway. So we decided to combine the republic day holiday and decided to head towards Kabini & coorg. Though i wanted to write a detailed travelogue, right now in a mood to only put a gist of the trip (blame it on my laziness)
Kabini River Lodge
Spent around 24hrs, post noon day 1 to noon time day 2.

Buffet Lunch
Evening Safari in open top jeep
Movie show
Buffet Dinner
Morning Safari
Buffet Brunch
Coracle/Speed boat ride along backwaters of kabini reservoir

Everything about the resort - Location, Resort ambiance, Comforts, people and especially the naturalists.
We spotted a lazy leopard perched on a branch of a tree some 50mts away
We were very very lucky to spot the striped yellow animal, yeah the Tiger in wild and that too very close at around 30ft from where we were. Words cannot express the whatta feeling...
Our naturalist "Prasanna" - he gave a new experience to our safari.

Some of the pix are posted...for the complete set visit Chanzimages.

Went through the KSTDC 2 day package tour. After Kabini this was not so exciting for us. Coorg was a nice place, apt for a relaxed stay for a week or so. 

Bylakuppe Tibetian monastry was worth visiting...

Cauvery Nisargadhama was a good location for a peaceful family picnic for a day, with river flowing nice and cold...

Raja's seat in madikeri was nice only for sun set...other than that it's just elevation

Abbey falls was ok...problem was you can't go to the falls, all you can do is to view it from a suspension bridge in front of it.

Talacauvery and Bramhagiri peak view were really good and worth visiting.

The best time we had during this was with our guide, with his english speaking skills (though appreciate his efforts) he entertained us both awesomely...(will try and put the recording :-P)

Friday, December 31, 2010

And finally...

As the year end arrives, I am breaking my brief hiatus from blogging. A lots have happened in the period in between. 

Most important of all, i got hitched...finally...So it's official now(well Sats broke this already in his blog), I am married to Manisha this December and life has been treating us well so far. i am not going to elaborately post about the road to our wedding (that deserves a big multi part posts ;-)) but rather i would keep it simple and request for lots of good wishes.

Now coming to the moment, "Wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year and years to come".

And, yes this wish comes from both of us :-)

I am a proud


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