Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never let go daddy...

In life mostly mothers are revered to such an extent that sometimes makes me feel that it's little unfair on the father. Nevertheless no one can deny the fact that both are so special and to be revered in different ways.

A mother's emotion is always there to see for everyone, whereas the dad's? They're supposed to be the bravest souls in front of their children. They just can't let out the vulnerable, emotional side of theirs in front of the family. Not a rule that they can't but they simply don't.

I just came across this video (may be old) in my FB and i was just touched (simply because i could relate this to my dad and may be someday i will be a father too)

Dedicating this to every single father and to be dads of this world. Special thanks to my friend who had shared this. Buddy you're a wonderful dad too!! Cheers to all!
#Note to self - Unakulla ippadi oru emotional side aa?? Yenna kodumai sir ithu!!

I am a proud


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