Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tagged by Shylu...

A good blogger friend Shylu has tagged me and i should say this is definitely a different kinda tag. And here it goes...

1.A writeup on a kind gesture that someone had done for you which left you speechless
My sister who was awesome in her academics, chose to do science over engineering so that my parents can spend the money on my studies.

2.Indebted to someone lifelong..who??
My Parents, Sister n my granny(she deserves a special mention, she was very special to me and vice versa).

3.Want to say "sorry" to someone..who???
Most importantly my parents, for the sole reason that I am not being able to "son" they would ideally want me to be.

4.Want to say "thank you" to someone ..who??
God...for giving me everything i have, blessed me and keeping me going no matter what troubles comes my way..

5.And whats your most cherished possession till date??
My family....

6.A special moment in life which brings along a smile every time you think of it?
The things that unfolded in the days following a colleague's wedding...can never forget it in my life.

Though little late, would like to thank Shylu for giving an opportunity to post straight from my heart.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Headlines sans sense...

Starting with a disclaimer-1, No! this is not a review of the movie.

With all the new channels discussing the war between Sena v/s MNIK over almost 2 weeks now, it's kind of getting stale and evident that it's purely vote politics of those spineless politicians trying to score a point. SRK on his part, gleefully accepting the media's request to provide his side of the story and comes in every channel giving interviews which indirectly acts as a promotion event for his recent movie.

"Every citizen of this democracy has the right to say what he feels is right". While saying that, "Any individual or a group has the right to say against something or agitate against something within the legitimate limits of the constitution". So going by this SRK was right in saying what he said and someone writing a 'strong' article is equally fine. But, this kind of ruffianism and intimidation aided by violence is totally sans any sense.

In an ideal scenario, the state government who are responsible to act should have done something more meaningful, or the central government or the election commission should have served a strong legal notice to such groups. But, being in India where opportunism prevails, nothing happened and we're ending up watching and hearing such things every fortnight and thanks to the TRP driven Media channels.

The ruling party (state n centre) being the same could have definitely nipped this issue on its bud but preferred to wait and watch as it helps their vote bank politics as well in a way. Even our projected future leader made a big gimmick to show his heroism, under the maximum security provided by the state government. It's a shame that ordinary citizens have no such security, well to be more precise not even bare minimum security. But, that's the way of life accepted by India.
Another issue covered yesterday was the blackening of the face of a leader of another sena group. For most of the people around the country it was really funny and even poetic justice for the violence he and his group meted out on young girls and guys last year. Honestly, it was the same feeling for me too. But, I had a chance to discuss this with a colleague of mine from Mangalore region. His views were totally unexpected. Neither of us support any group, we are definitely average Indian citizens. What he had to say was, the media had covered the whole event in a totally different angle. While condemning the violence that happened in the incident, he also said there were quite a few bad elements happening as well and it wasn't just another simple place where youth just comes spends time decently with drinks and dance...there was more than it meets the eye. He went to the extent of saying in fact it was good it happened. I didn't know how to react to that.

All this makes me feel that the whole country is purely driven by the media and we all being emotional and passionate people just blindly see one side instead of looking at a holistic view of anything. We people are like herd of sheep, just blindly follow what the majority think is right. Media and Politics take the best advantage of it.

It's a shame that instead of concentrating of developmental issues, the whole of the country ends up discussing issues like these. It's high time some kind of social, moral and ethical responsibility prevails among the Politicians, Media and general citizens.

Now comes the important disclaimer-2 ....

Disclaimer: If this post had hurt anyone's sentiments by this post, I tender a sincere apology straight away and wanted to tell it's just my rant about my country and nothing against anyone. I request them not to stop any movie shows, trains or ambulances or waste their precious time by protesting peacefully against me or my blog :-P

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roadside axiom

(Image courtesy google images)

Listed below, some of the interesting facts that each one of us would have come across or observed so many times in Chennai roads and accepted without any proofs…

• Always pedestrians cross the road by using their hands as the “RED” signals, as if the car or bike on the roads is controlled by their hands.
• If the driver of the vehicle honks, the pedestrians crossing would always give a nasty look or few ‘nice’ words for the drivers to hear.
• Almost every time when the vehicle honks at the bystanders or two wheelers busy talking or arguing on the side of the road but well inside, will turn behind and give a look like “so much space still to squeeze through” before they move and give way.
• If there is a traffic jam, the patience of smaller vehicle drivers runs out very quickly and they start driving their vehicles on the opposite side, which invariably causes more traffic jam and everyone ends up waiting for more time.
• When the traffic signal is red, invariably 20% of vehicles would have definitely crossed the “STOP” line.
• After 20th of every month the rate of finding traffic sergeant on the signals would grow exponentially.
• Most of the traffic constables would have in their hands a standard old notebook in same color, size and state which would be invariably used as the fine receipt booklet for getting the 25Rs. (God knows where do all constable get this standard notebook).
• In almost all signals the traffic sergeant would be busy negotiating with a traffic violator (bakra) and the constable would be busy finding the next ones (bakras). Finally all bakras can escape by paying a minimum sum of 25Rs.
• Probability of finding a meter on any of the autos is always 0
• Most of the auto stands operate from Pedestrian walkway.
• Almost all auto stands exist under the umbrella of some actor’s or politician’s fan club.
• Whenever an auto comes to a slow halt on the left corner of the road when no one (savari) is around, it‘s almost sure that it’s going to make a big “U” turn (without indicator of course).
• Probability of finding the helmets on the petrol tank is often greater than the probability of the helmet worn on head.
• Most young male bikers cannot digest a female bike driver overtaking him; they invariably try getting in front of them making sure they do not go way ahead of them too.
• Most female bikers riding the gear less vehicle zoom past the male bikers on the geared bikes.
• The number of eyes staring at a boy and girl - walking together is 2*(N+M), is 2*(N*M) if the boy and girl goes in a bike with girl sitting one side, is 2*(N power M) if the girl sitting in the bike two sides.
• Almost 90% LMV & HMV drivers drive in night with HIGH BEAM on, and in most cases it would be unnecessary.
• All HMV enter the road which is most likely not enough for them to drive and create traffic jams.
• Most of the young female pillion riders wear helmet, more to hide their identity than for safety.
Well the possibilities are endless; welcome anyone to add few more interesting axioms on the roads….

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Mistake...

(Pix courtesy google images)

Deepika and Advaith were sitting on the couch with Deepika watching the TV soap and Advaith reading some book. The soap was as usual, the girl shedding buckets of tears. The story was about her losing her parents and left all alone in the world. Deepika also had tears overwhelming in her moist eyes. She was looking at Advaith from the corner of her eyes to see if he was looking her with tears ready to drop anytime. He was not watching her...and the drop fell and flowed over her rosy cheeks.

She walked away into kitchen opened the fridge and had some water. Now the tears were in spate. She could not control, she walked straight into her room and closed the door, not before she had another look at Advaith who seemed totally in oblivion.

The next day both were in the office and Advaith got a call from Deepika,

"Advi baby, heard appa is not well. Can we go and see him and come?”

"Oh Deepu! U go da...I have some urgent con call and can't skip it" Advaith said in a flash.

Deepika kind of expected this answer from him and said with a wry smile "its fine da...will go n come".

"Call me once you're starting back I can come and pick you up somewhere on the way" Advaith told in a concerned tone.

"No honey, that's fine, will come by an auto. Alright talk to you later. Have lunch properly." Deepika caringly told him and snapped the line.

This time the tear drop didn't wait in the eyes rather dropped and made her extra soft cheeks moist. She wiped it with a tissue before someone can see. She walked straight to her seat and continued with her work, but somehow her mind was lingering with thoughts.

It was a year back, Deepika and Advaith got married after a gruesome resistance from Deepika's parents. Advaith's parents were ok but then they did not approve of the wedding without Deepika's family approving the same. They were stuck for almost 2 years before they decided to get married on their own.
Deepika was determined that she needed Advaith only and thought she can always convince her parents later on or worst case live accepting her fate. She wanted only Advaith. He too decided that when she decided he should also support her and informed his decision to his parents and hell broke loose at his home too. He simply told them we're getting married if you have a little bit of heart come and bless us else it's fine too.

Finally they both got married in a simple function amidst few close friends and Advaith's parents who came, saw and went. The marriage was finally over, new life started in a cute little apartment. A year ran by and here they were. They got what they wanted, she had him and he had her yet something was missing.

Deepika's mind was replaying all the words her dad n mom shouted before she walked off,

"He would throw you out in few months" - this was dad

"You cannot live happily after getting our curses, you'll cry all your life" - mom was not far behind

"You threw your parents for someone you knew for 2-3 yrs, you'll suffer" dad threw something on the floor....

Just then she felt her colleague’s hands shaking her and she came back to reality. The wet salty stream was running from her eyes to her neck through her extra rosy cheeks.

"Everything fine" asked the colleague

"Yup! Sorry..." She replied with a vague smile that came from nowhere...wiping her tears.

In the past one year, Advaith use to go to his home once a while and would tell how amma n appa enquired abt them though not fully convinced. Deepika went couple of times to her home but no one spoke to her properly, it was an uneasy feeling in her own house. She was not able to bear it; she wasn't sure where all her strength went. She would silently come back. She used to cry thinking abt her parents almost every day and this became a routine.

Advaith would just console her or say don’t worry we wanted it and we would face it. Deepika couldn't take it and slowly she used to think Advaith is not supporting her in her hour of need. Probably, he doesn't understand how much she in pain is losing her parents, her home, and everything. This would make her angry sometimes. Other times she would feel, what can he do it was a decision they took together and even he came out. But, at least his parents talk to him nicely, welcomes him home...what abt me...her mind used to play games with her.

By 5:30pm she started from work and headed straight towards her parents place for the third time. Her mind was full of tension and confusion; she was not prepared to see her dad ill and her presence would make him angrier which she didn't want to. Most important of all, she expected Advaith to say "yes sure we both would go and apologize and meet them" but that never happened too. She asked the autowala to go straight to her apartment instead. Again her tear glands were working overtime. Upon reaching home, she went straight to the bed and slept.

Deepika woke up suddenly with a shudder. She was looking at the watch for the time. It was 10:30pm, "Oh my god I slept off too long" She said to herself and she tied her flowing hair into a knot and got up. She got tense as she did not cook anything for dinner and by now all eat outs would be closed too. She went hurriedly around the home to see for any signs of Advaith. No trace of him. Her tension changed to anger.
"He doesn’t care about anything, for him his work, his parents, his life that's all he worries about. What bothers him if I am troubled....?” She was talking to herself as she started to wash her face and got ready to cook something. She was weeping and even thought "It's all fantasy...Life is not simple...I wish I had not done this...." That's when she heard the door bell. She walked up to the door, saw through the fish eye. It was Advaith standing outside looking tired and weary.

"Hi honey...I am really tired" he entered and sat in the couch. Deepika never responded trying to control her anger and tears. He said "I don’t think I need dinner today, you have properly and sleep da" he said and hit the bed straight. She was convinced that, what a mistake she had committed. "He could have just enquired about dad's health" She was fuming, Went straight to kitchen, switched off the burner and went to another room and slept off angrily.

Next morning, she woke up to a severe headache and she had decided not to go to work. She walked to the kitchen and started her chores.

"Coffee..." she kept the cup in table

"Hmm..." he was busy getting ready

"Do you need anything to be packed for lunch??" She asked him

"Not needed da, will take care..." he responded...

Silence followed before he left to the office kissing her on her forehead. Deepika felt uncomfortable. She went inside and was still fuming from inside. Something suffocated her. She immediately called her parent's home; the ring was going on n on. Then she tried her dad's mobile, all she heard was "This number is currently switched off". She grew more worried. She wanted to call Advaith, but something stopped her, she wanted to run to her parent’s home and cry her heart out...but wasn't sure if she can do it today. She spent the next couple of hours sitting and thinking just to be disturbed by the door bell. She went to the door and removed the latch without bothering to look through the fish eye...

As she opened she was stunned beyond imagination.


Next 15 minutes she neither heard what her parents were speaking nor could utter a word. She was not seeing their face but holding their hands tight as if they would run away if she leaves them...She Was sobbing as if she was determined to drain all tears in few minutes...

"'s ok...fine...." her mom was consoling.
She composed herself and said will call Advaith to tell him to come home.....

"He only drove us here...He has gone to nearby medical shop to get some medicines for me" Dad's voice after sometime sounded like an oracle from the sky....

"What?? Adv...appa..." Again she started crying.....

"Yeah! He came home last evening and convinced so much to appa and me. In fact he was coming to our home for the past 3-4 months again and again like a ball hit on the wall. Trust me he was literally pleading to me and I was literally treating him like a criminal...Yet he was stuck to his job managed to calm me down and explained what you're going through...He was begging to a father to come and save his wife from the mental turmoil and I was standing there as a father not bothered about his own daughters state. That's when I realized he is the best choice for you and decided to meet you all. He suggested that he would come and pick us up in the morning as it was late and he had asked us not to call you” Deepika’s dad completed the story in one stretch....

Deepika wanted to see Advaith immediately and looked towards the door, that's when someone came running saying "Amma....sir has been hit by a tanker lorry outside the gate"

Friday, February 05, 2010

To you...with love!

(Photo courtesy google images)

It's been a long journey...definitely not the destination. 37 years of togetherness, smiles, pains, happiness, sorrows, frustrations, disappointments, misunderstandings what not.

Thinking of you both as couples brings back to my memory, all those days of leaving together to work by 7 where you both go doubles in the Raleigh bicycle and later in explorer and bajaj cub. The days when you both used to fight n struggle together during those time of financial crunches to make a decent life for the kids and yourself. The days when there was sheer unselfish happiness you had in your face when you saw your kids succeeded. Today, i look back at you both with sheer sense of pride. No matter the toll these years would have taken on you both as a couple yet you stand there together as the symbol of family values.

I may not be the perfect son, the way you both would have wanted me to be, but still i have immense respect, love, affection and care for you both.

Wishing you both a wonderful wonderful anniversary wishes and many many more to come!! Luv ya both!!

I am a proud


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