Monday, November 16, 2009

Here i rise again....

Horrible weekend. sometimes you end up thinking how's it possible? The more you try, the more it goes awry and you can't stop trying now after all this struggle as well. Not sure, where the problem lies. Every time we go to what's seemingly the last hurdle but ending up falling down to see a huge set of hurdles lined up in front of you. And, there you go crossing one by one all over again. I am kind of tired, wanting all this to end, end for good, good for everyone around.

Mom was sick, TV went kaput, was raining non stop, expected things didn't progress an inch all these meant another weekend to be killed just like that and managed to do the same. I am not the kind who feels low for long, sends negative vibes around and crib with a dull frame of mind, but here i am doing all of these. This makes me even more angry on myself and trust me i am trying my best to be the way i used to be. Probably getting older ;-) getting towards the middle age crisis not sure.

As a silver lining to the dark gloomy skies, there were few good things, spent time with my niece, chatted with my very good friend after a long time and bought a new TV (Panasonic Tau) for my mom to watch those serials. And, morning mom got up feeling much better, more to my relief. the best thing about life is every morning you wake up with a fresh start, fresh belief , a fresh resolve to face the challenges, to rise above it all and make the day, month, year, life count. And, that's exactly what i am trying too.

So Life, here i am rising one more time, to face all the challenges you throw at me. This time as well will do everything to win over you and get what i deserve from you. You can't hold me down for long, for i keep rising like the phoenix from the ashes. In fact i am no Phoenix but rather i am ME! so better get yourself prepared more or ready to give me my dues.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Something and anything to write...

Ahoy there! It's been sometime since I posted something worthwhile. So, am back from a relatively lengthy hiatus. Over the last few days, I got an opportunity to read a recent novel by a renowned author. So far the story is relatively entertaining as it's about the love and subsequent marriage of a couple well to be more specific a Tamilian girl and a Punjabi boy. Well, the book says it's his story (not sure of the authenticity though). No! No! I am not going to give a review or tell the story in a nut shell, but instead wanted to write down about certain things which didn't go well with me.

The story starts with the couple's meeting in the most prestigious B-School and slowly depicts the sequence of events that bring them closer to each other. Within the first few pages itself the main protagonists fall for each other and they make out in hostel rooms, start living together and passing notes about yearning for physical proximity etc. I never had problems of reading such stuff, mostly thanks to our Indian movies which has progressed by leaps and bounds as far as such intimate scenes are concerned. But, the thing that stood out odd for me was the fact that the writer proclaims that he wants to become a famous writer, even though he is from 2 prestigious institution (one the #1 in technical stream and the other the #1 in business stream) and the reason he quotes for that is to become famous and also to do "something good".
I haven't read this novel completely, but have read his previous novel which also had decent share of making out with his girl friend in the professor's place. Whilst I understand that these things do happen with nowadays youth and he has not exaggerated but then he could have avoided mentioning so blatantly as if he justifies it's all correct and the society has to come to terms with it. I feel this definitely depicts the youth in a bad taste and in some sense even misguides the readers that you can do anything as long as you're serious about the relationship. One good thing is that he never describes these in detail. That's something for "doing something good as a writer". I felt the author could have just avoided mentioning about the intimate part but also understand the book has to sell...

To me it was so odd more for the fact that all through his books I find a subtle superiority complex from the male protagonist that he is from prestigious institution and he always has a opinion on everything which pretty much he thinks is the right thought. Also, in this particular story he writes about his girl (later his wife) as the very outward, modern girl yet sensitive and emotional about her needs and comforts. She doesn't think twice before asking for Non veg food (though she is from so called purest of purest veg caste as claimed by her) and asks for beer, smoke and of course pre marital sex. While the guy, though has all flaws like any average guy is portrayed as sensible, understanding, very frank yet dignified types. One classic example is about him telling the female protagonist about his craving to kiss her when they study in her room, and then the girl also develops a liking and kisses him.
Definitely my intention is not about saying the author has no taste or quality in his writing, in fact I am enjoying this novel for the humour in it and the way he has narrated nice and smooth. Even his previous works are really good ones. And, yes I like all his works. This is just a blister on an otherwise impeccable face. Probably it's just me thinking this way, whatever I thought... I would speak my mind here...
And, on a totally different note the fact that prestigious institution allowing guys in girl's hostel or girl's into guy's hostel is something which I would definitely not agree as a normal thing. I wish the management takes a re-look into such rules. This is not after reading the story but certain personal experiences and worries I have come across from my friends circle.

Well, blame it on my age or south Indian conservatism or even so called tamilian thanmanam (my version of Marathi Manoos). Honestly, none of these are the reason, just wanted to bring something that came to my mind. Your thoughts are welcome and this is just my opinion may not be the popular one :-)

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Updated on 14 Nov
I completed the story and i liked it so much. I am more convinced on my statement that it would have been a sure shot bestseller even without those masala stuff as well. Nevertheless, good one. Kudos to the Author. :-)

Friday, November 06, 2009

We salute thee - SACHIN

It's been some time since i updated the blog, blame it on the deluge of happenings. Positive developments, travel, tensions, troubles, fun both in personal and professional front keepin me real busy to post anything.

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But, that didn't stop me from putting this small post(tribute) to this GODs of GODs!!


I am a proud


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