Friday, December 31, 2010

And finally...

As the year end arrives, I am breaking my brief hiatus from blogging. A lots have happened in the period in between. 

Most important of all, i got hitched...finally...So it's official now(well Sats broke this already in his blog), I am married to Manisha this December and life has been treating us well so far. i am not going to elaborately post about the road to our wedding (that deserves a big multi part posts ;-)) but rather i would keep it simple and request for lots of good wishes.

Now coming to the moment, "Wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year and years to come".

And, yes this wish comes from both of us :-)


Satish N said...

Have a stunning married life buddy... If at all I have one regret in the past year, that has to be missing ur wedding. Anyways, my prayers will always be there for ur well being and happiness.

Manisha - you never told me that ........ ;)))

Unknown said...

Wish you a Happy New Year and a wonderful married life!
Convey my wishes to Manisha too :-)

Chan said...

Thx a ton folks!

Shylaja Muralidharan said...

Best wishes Chan and Manisha!!!

chennaigirl said...

Hearty wishes for a wonderful married life to both of u. U both never let the cat out of the bag ;)
Wishes once again for a beginning.

Chan said...

@CG, thanks...if we let tat out, then wats the thrill :-P

I am a proud


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