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"Enough! Don't start your non sense again...." Tanmay shouted at Deepa.

"Who started this??? " Deepa retorted

Deepa and Tanmay were married for 2 good years.

They worked at the same company. Tanmay liked Deepa for her assertive and confident outlooks, likewise Deepa too liked Tanmay
for his naughty cute ways. So, getting along was so easy and natural. Both of them knew that they were comfortable with each
other's company and yearned for more.
Soon Tanmay proposed to her over a coffee and she accepted without much fuss. So, here they're happily married, though the
situation today was not so happy..

"You were ready to do anything when we were not man and wife? now everything is non sense..." Deepa was angry...

"I don't have time for this now..." He sounded uninterested...

"When have you ever had time for me?"

"Deepa...what's happening to you? why are you getting so hyper for almost everything..."

By now, Deepa started crying and Tanmay never liked to see Deepa crying.

Couple of years back, in the office one of Deepa's colleague has said something to her which had hurt her so much that she
shouldn’t bear it and she called Tanmay for a cup of coffee and cried her hearts out to him. Tanmay couldn't stand to see her
sweetheart crying so he went straight to that guy and gave him his piece of mind. That was the last time the guy spoke to
Deepa. they both had hearty laugh about it quite often.

But, today is a different day. Deepa is crying and crying because of him and he could not do much about it. But, still he
didn't like the view of Deepa crying. such fights have become a regular story and it's not usual for Deepa to cry for such

"I am leaving....." he walked away without even looking at her, simply because he didn't want to get a glimpse of her face with

"Whatever....." she responded with words hardly coming out of her mouth as she was sobbing.

In the office, Tanmay was engulfed by work that he completely forgot what had happened at home in the morning. While he went
for evening coffee he was thinking that he should go home and console Deepa who'd have come from her work earlier. He thought
he'd say her sorry with a bunch of flowers and then lift her in his arms and say that he would do whatever she says to. After
that he could not wait to meet Deepa. Sharp @ 7:00 he picked up his car keys and said good bye to his friends who were
surprised to see his excitement and left. It was raining heavily outside and he could not see the road, yet he managed to
drive somehow just to get into the arms of his sweetheart. On the way he didn't forget to find a florist and get some flowers
drenched with raindrops.

upon reaching his home, he parked his car and went straight towards the door and pressed the bell.

"............", There was no response

He repeated it for couple of times with the same result.

He looked at the watch, 8:13pm the watch showed. aah, the rain and the traffic he thought. He took the keys from his pocket
and tried opening the door and it opened. Tanmay was confused, "Where's Deepa?" he thought, as he did he switched on the
lights and went to the fridge and had a gulp of water.

"It's raining heavily and she's not home. She never called even to say that she'd be late" he thought as his hands were busy
dialing her number.

"Sorry the subscriber could not be reached...." answered the voice of the lady to whom he'd given a face.

"What's this why is she not reachable ?" Tanmay asked himself and he started to get worried.

"She never cried for such things before..did i hurt her so much?" he was angry with himself..

He tried calling Suman her best friend in the office to find out about Deepa.

"Hi r you?"

"Hey fine and you?? Deep was dull today hope everything is fine at home?"

Tanmay was relieved at the same time worried. Relieved because he knew Deep went to office as usual and worried that she was
upset the whole day.

"All fine...Deep left?" he asked casually..

"yeah, she left early saying she had some everything really fine?" he could sense the worry in her voice

"Hey everything is perfect....i just casually checked..thanks will talk to you later"

"Bye Tanmay, any help call me...take care" she seemed not convinced.

"U too..." he hung up the phone.

Tanmay was really worried now and looked at his watch, time showed 8:55pm. He was not sure whom he should call at this time
with this heavy rains. He locked the door and took his car and went along the route how Dee paused to come by auto or by bus.
He could barely identify anyone on the route as it was still raining and he did not miss even single auto on the other side
to see if he can see Dee pain anyone of that. Every 5 minutes he didn't forget to call Deepa's number, just to hear the good
old lady's voice that the subscriber cannot be reached. He went till her office and then came all the way back to home
anxiously expecting the door to be open and Deepa standing at the entrance waiting for him.

But, he was out of luck...he could see the door locked.

By now his mind started rewinding his conversation with suman. "She left early saying she had some work...." the words kept
coming back to him.

"What could be so important that she left early....never hinted me anything.."

"Could it be that she came and packed her things and left me forever to her mother's place or somewhere?" he immediately
checked her luggage. It was intact. He told to himself "Deepa would never do that to me....or may be i hurt her so much and
she really took a decision" his mind was playing tricks with him.

Tanmay could not even think of a life missing Deepa, he can feel a lump in his throat and his eyes were battling hard to hold
on to that single drop of tear.

"May be she committed....or someone kidnapped..oh God! why am i thinking like this....." He was battling with his own mind..

"Deepu, just come to me....just gimme a call....don't leave me for whatever be the reason....." he was begging to himself...

He saw the watch again 10:37pm, he sat in the couch lookin at the flowers he had brought for her. The raindrops had gone dry
by now, but the roses were smiling at him just like Deepa used to when he tease her...

"I am sorry! i would never hurt you..please come to me..." his heart was screaming. He could understand the meaning of the
english words "helpless","lonely" what not. He could not sit there without Deepa, without her childish pranks on him, without
her dummy anger on him, without her affectionate scolding’s...

"Deepu, what's happening to me....come back to me....." he almost cried....

"you're my fire....the one desire...." his mobile ringed rather sang.......

Tanmay pounced to take his cell to see the words "Honey calling....". his heart started beating heavily..

"Hello, Deepa...where are you?" he kept asking...

"Hello..Tannu..." the voice was feeble...

"Deepa yeah go on... where are you?" he was restless

"Tannu....friend......rains.....caught....scared.." words were breaking, seems like network not following...

"Deepa, u r breaking...." he was getting desperate

"........Canal bunk road....." he could hear only that and the line went mute...

Tanmay promptly tried deepa's number, he seemed to be having a crazy knack of troubling the old lady..."subscriber could not
be reached"

He immediately took his keys and started to search for her again...."Canal bank road, why she went there...doesn’t she know
that little out of city...." he was thinking...

"she said something about caught..scared..God she must be safe...she is everything to me...please help..." his lips prayed..

The next 25 minutes seemed to be an eternity...

He turned left and the board showed "canal bank road". the road was dark and lonely, he felt it'd be horrible if he himself would have been stranded there...he could see shadow of a person alone under a tree with little light from the shop nearby.

He stopped the car and ran out towards that person..."it must be Deepa" he was telling to himself...

It was Deepa, looking at the other side worried to the core....constantly dialing her mobile and keeping it to her ears...

Tanmay was bit relaxed to see her standing there in one good piece....

just when he was about to call her, she turned towards him and came running to him and held him tight. she was crying,
"Tannu, i am standing here alone for the past 2 hours and i could not reach you as well.."

"I came to the mall nearby and thought of getting you your favorite brand of shirt as a gift and thought would make up with
you..left early from was raining heavily and when i was returning to home...the auto stopped and due to rains no
other auto came. After some time it was again raining heavily and i am waiting for some means to get back....." she finished
in one big sentence and started to cry......

"Honey...relax..relax.." he took her to the car and made her sit next to him and started to drive back home, firmly holding
her hands with one of his hands.

"Are you still angry with me....i am..." Deepa asked wiping her tears....

"shhh!! shhh!!..." He gently kissed her on her forehead and said "i would never be......ever....Sorry..." he confessed...

The rainy sky, dim lights, moving car and both in each other arm gave them the perfect setting for a most romantic drive.................

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Manisha Patnaik said...

What a beginning... and what an ending...!!!

The blog kept me busy all through the end awaiting the suspense to end...!!!

I am a proud


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