Wednesday, April 30, 2008

U, ME aur HUM

"Karthik i might not come for the party this Saturday", Rupa told over the phone.

"I know you wouldn't, so i have already informed the junta" replied karthik.

"That's my man, you know about me so much...." She sounded excited.

"Hey, i forgot to get the saree for my mom, may be i'll go today and get it" Karthik was irritated with himself.

"I know you'd dumbo, that's why i bought it yesterday itself, come home and pick it up" She replied cheerfully.

This is Karthik & Rupa in a nut shell. They've been the best of mates for many years now. They both went to school, college together. Now both of them work in the IT industry. Though both are in different organizations Karthik knows all Rupa's friends and vice versa. Everyone was jealous about their relationship.

whatever be the things Rupa and Karthik would never forget to discuss it with each other before taking a decision.

Karthik went to her place the next day to get the saree she'd bought for his mother. He was greeted by her mother..

"Come in Karthik, howz all @ home?" she enquired

"All are fine aunty, Rupa there" he was particular to meet Rupa.

"Why you wont talk to us?" His mother made fun 2 him..

"Come on can u ask such questions"

"kiddin son...u can't leave without having lunch today" she ordered and went in.

Karthik was a well known person for rupa's family, in fact more like one in the family. He never felt an outsider to their family and same was the case with Rupa @ Karthiks. He walked straight into Rupa's room.

Rupa was sitting on the swing on the balcony with her Robin Cook novel.

"Hey! wassup?" he tried to get her attention...

She turned back and came with a big smile on her lips and came running....

"Karthi, missed u dumbo, we haven't met in 3 days you know?" She sounded desperate.

"What to do Rups, lotsa work and appraisal time you know..."

Karthik always liked being missed by Rupa. He looked at her talking with him but for him all he could see was Rupa. There she was, his angel in front of his eyes sitting and talking to him. He did not hear a single word, instead Phil Collins was singing "Another day in Paradise" on his ears. He kept looking at her without uttering a single word. Rupa was talkin non stop, he could see her excitement in the face. Talking about the face, who else can have such an impeccable face.She was wearing a plain white tops and a long blue skirts. She had her hair tied up in a knot behind. The mere sight of her in front of him created frenzy in his mind.

"Look at her eyes man" he thought. "It looks surreal, how can a eye say so many things at a time, Nose pointed straight, sharp and perfectly chiseled. And, then the lips, oh boy! they must have been made from strawberries". He saw those cute little earrings dangling on her ears dancing to her every movement of head. Karthik could not resist his imaginations.....

"Man, i must be the luckiest person in the whole world that i got Rupa, She is mine...mine and mine only" his heart was screaming as if he was Jack of Titanic.

"Thud..." He was brought back to senses by Rupa, who gave a playful slap on his cheeks.

"Hey dumbo....what are you thinking? I am telling you seriously and you're silent?? I was asking you about me talking to my parents about marriage??"

"Thinking about you.. and me..." he said to himself.

"What about whatever i said now....are you ok with it? Can i proceed and talk to my parents about marriage?"

Karthik was literally flying in air, he could not believe what he heard just now. He was waiting for this moment for a long long time.

"Go ahead Rups, if that what you want. But, careful they might misunderstand. be patient whatever be their reaction on this..." He said to her..

"Sure honey...this is why i asked make me feel so comfortable..i need it all through my life..You're an angel, sweet rascal, Darling" She hugged him...

"Okies, get me the saree, i shall pack it in my luggage otherwise i might forget when i leave tonight" though he didn't want to get out of her arms, he had to....

Karthik was leaving the country for couple of months on an assignment.

"I would try to call you in between, but if iam not able to please dont mind. I would just be thinkin of you" He said to her...

"Me too...would miss you the next 2 months, i wish you were here to help me go through this time when i talk to my parents" she sounded dull...

She opened the draw and gave a gift wrapped package. She said "it's a copper sulphate color mysore silk saree. Don't open it to see...".

"You're the best Rups..." he said thinkin that is mom is lucky to get such a daughter in law.

"That i am...." she said "Karthi, Take try to call me.." She was almost in tears amidst her smile...

"u 2 dear..." he left...

The next two months turned out to be the most tough period in Karthik's life. The work pressure was so much that he lost few kgs of weight and he was so tired mentally and physically. More than that the feeling of staying away from Rupa tormented him. He had successfully completed his assignment and had confirmed the return flight tomorrow. He called rupa to inform her that he is coming back.

Karthik dialled Rupa's number using a calling card..

"you n this beautiful world..." he could hear her ring tone..

His heart was thumping hard to hear her voice after long time and also he was little scared about the decision of her parents. The past 2 months he never stopped thinking about that. But, somehow he was confident that everything would be perfectly fine.

"Hello...." the voice came at the other end..

"Rups....its me Karthik"

"Karthik...this is aunty..Rupa had gone for shopping...she forgot her mobile at are you son?"

"Fine aunty and all of you ??" he enquired back

"All are fine. I was little angry with you and rupa. you people hide this from us. At least you could have told na about the relationship...when are you coming we're all waiting for you"

Karthik felt happiness like he never felt looks like everything is fine, he thought.

"I am coming tomorrow, i called to inform that only..."

"Come home straight, don't have to go to your room." aunty said much to his elation.

"sure aunty, try to send Rupa to the airport na...8:45 arrival" he said..

" will she not come..." aunty replied.

"Ok aunty... fine will catch you all tomorrow. My calling card is over and i dont have another one. bye .." he hung up.

Three months went by and now they are in the wedding hall. Karthik was standing next to Rupa and Rupa was adjusting his shirt collar and was introducing him to everyone on the dais.

"This is Karthik..Didn't i tell you all that he would wear this color know he knows everything about me and me about him..we both were made for each other. I can even tell what he thinks right now and so does he...We both have such a bonding over the years."

Karthik looked at her and handed over the gift to newly wed couple Rupa and Siddharth wishing them a wonderful married life.

Rupa said "Whats this formality dumbo..." she put her arms around his arms and posed for the photo.

"When you can understand me on everything, how could you not see the feeling i had for you all these days Rups" Karthik's inner voice asked Rupa....

"Smile please..." The photographer was ready to click...

Karthik tried his best in vain. There he was posing for a photograph on his sweetheart's wedding trying to hide the tears getting caught in the photo..


janu said...

hmm enna chandra ithu... eppo paarthaalum sad love story... cha.. bad...

oru happy ending kudukka maateengalaa..???!!!

Bala said...

Excellent story... Gr8 narration of the bonding between those two pals... I expected this ending... Gave it a ending with a poetic and sentimental touch..

keep writing!

chan said...

@Bala, thanks mate...

Shylu said...

Tough times for Karthik.... :-(

The scenes flowed in with ease before the eyes..the description was just great...

I am a proud


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