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Ride in the wind!

Karthik was sitting on the beach @ ECR looking at the deep blue sea. The beach was relatively clear with only very few enjoying the waves. Karthik always liked to sit on the shore and watch the waves dance to the nature's tune. The way one wave
crashes into another and create a beautiful pattern on the water was like a great artist's brush weaving magic on his canvas.
The fading light, the sound of waves and the kids playin in the water the setting always gives him the much needed peace. He
used to sit for hours in the fading light till its dark and just look at the reflections on the water.

Today Karthik had come little early since he felt bored to death, the sun was slowly going down the skies. He saw this girl standing alone in the waves a few paces from him. She was looking at her feet touched by the waves and burying it in the sand. She walked on the sand to see her own footprints with such joy. Karthik was enjoying all of these....once in a while
she was giving signals to the group that was standing few hundred meters from her. But she remained aloof enjoying every
moment on the waves.

She was charming to the core and he didn't miss that cute little dimple on her cheeks whenever she smiled. Karthik liked the
child in her and was watching only her with a smile that never faded from his face.

Little did he realize that she didn't left her footprints on the sand but actually in his heart. After a while she went with
her group and darkness took over. Karthik sat for a while thinking of that girl and then he started back.

For the next few weeks he was trying to avoid thinking of that girl, but the more he tried not to think the more the thoughts of that girl on the beach came to his mind. He tried recollecting her face he could not, never was he able to bring her face back in his memory but still he was thinkin only about her.

"What’s up with you don't even remember her face and then why this feelings?" He asked himself looking at the

He didn't know...but he couldn't resist thinkin of her, actually he didn't want to resist at all.

"What’s wrong in thinkin about a girl....whom you're never goin to meet...doesn't hurt anyone" he convinced himself.


Aditi had come for the beach on the ECR road with her friends and was really excited to see the waves. Aditi always wanted to have a house on the beach front and daily she can go and talk to the waves and feel the wind. This was her visit after a very
long time. She'd gone though a torrid time that her fiancée met with an accident and her life was turned upside down. she was
slowly recovering from the loss.

Her friends were not interested in actually enjoyin the waves but were busy talkin about the
office gossips. They'd come just to make Aditi feel better.

She walked a few paces from them and started to relish her time with the waves. She was talkin to herself, singing her favorite tunes, playing in the sand as if it was her last day and she was the only life form in the whole universe. Once in a while she was making sure her friends were there waiting for her and she saw this unusual looking guy sitting few paces from her, staring at her actions with a stupid smile. She was initially irritated and even thought of walking to him and ask whats up with him. But, then controlled herself against doing so. After sometime she started to leave with her friends and she casually looked at this guy and was surprised to see him looking at her direction and she thought "whatever...." and left.
Something was making her think of this guy for the next few weeks.


A couple of months of hectic work in office, Karthik was asked to leave to Singapore for a project work. Karthik badly wanted
this travel as he thought it'd break the routine. On the day of his travel, he was thinkin about the trip and what’s in store
for him. This girl with no face never haunted him for the past few weeks as he was little excited about the onsite trip and
the challenges it'd pose him. He took a call taxi from his home and waved good bye to his parents and went to the airport.
Since he has travelled abroad quite a few times, he was quick to check in his luggage and got the boarding pass.

"Can I get the Aisle seat please..." He asked at the counter.

"Sure..." the guy obliged...

Karthik thanked the guy and went straight to a Fresh & Honest coffee bar and picked up a freshly brewed coffee and went and
sat near his gate with his newspaper. When the announcement came to board the flight, he walked straight into the jet and
found his seat and settled himself comfortably. He moved to the window seat and was looking outside the window and saw a buzz
of activities happening on the tarmac.

He was suddenly disturbed by a voice..."Excuse me...that's my seat you're sitting"....

He saw a fat old woman and got up saying "Sorry"....he came out on the aisle letting the old lady get in to her seat. That’s
when he saw that beautiful, adorable face few rows behind. He could not hide his excitement after seeing the girl from the
beach in the same flight. He cursed himself for havin not thought about her for a few weeks.

Karthik said to himself "Never lose this opportunity my boy...u may never get it..."

He quickly went to the stewardess and asked if he could get a window seat, knowing that the seat next to her was the only
seat available.

"Kindly be seated sir, the flight is full and we'll see once the flight takes over." the stewardess answered and he was
expecting that answer.

He was restless till the flight took over, the stewardess came towards him and said "only one seat is available sir would you
like to take it. It's on the rear end of the carrier."

Karthik thought "What do ya think i am gonna answer?" and said "That's okay anything for an window seat" and moved towards the seat.


Aditi saw this familiar lookin guy talkin to the stewardess and walkin towards her. She thought he must be another guy who
wants to start a conversation with these good looking stewardesses. Before she could finish thinking there he was talkin to

"Can I..." he pointed the window seat...

She moved away and let him get it thinking "What if I say NO?"

He thanked her with a smile. "Nice smile and smart too..not bad" she thought and smiled back without much interest.

He did not miss the dimple on her cheeks this time around.

She went back to her novel...just to be disturbed by him...Aditi was like this tryin to put a cocoon around herself to make
the world believes that she was a bold confident woman while actually she was very fragile.

"That’s a nice novel I’ve read it...." she turned at him irritated and said "yeah looks like...."

"Well I am Karthik...." He said with a smile....

"Oh ok... nice to meet you" She tried to avoid the conversation and luckily for her the hostess came and asked if she'd like
to have something...She started a fake conversation with her to divert his attention. She thought he'd have understood her
intentions...And, the next 3 hours went without any interventions except a couple of casual glances from that guy, which she
didn't mind.


Karthik was walkin through the immigration point and he saw her in the queue next to him. He felt embarrassed for having been
treated the way he was. He thought "may be I interfered in her privacy a bit". He left and took a cab and went to Little
India where his hotel was booked. The next 3 weeks went for him real hectic with late night stays at the office, meeting up
with clients and of course vague thoughts about this mystery beach girl. That Sunday he and few of his team mates were
planning to go to sentosa islands and he'd told them that he'd meet up in city central. So, he thought of taking a bus to that place. He came out to a nearest bus station and was waiting. He saw the same girl asking something to people nearby and was looking concerned. He thought of walkin to her and start a conversation but was not sure after the last time in the flight.

He looked at the watch and realized that he was already delayed and at the same time he could see his bus coming at some
distance. He again looked at the direction of the girl, he could not see her. He thought, now you have to take a call, finish
this for once by taking this bus and deleting her out of your life or you can do a search, find and replace your thought with herself. Almost immediately, he started running towards the place he saw was an impromptu decision and he had to take it, after all he is chasing not a girl but his life.


Aditi saw that this guy saw her from the distance. She was feeling sorry for her behavior in the flight. She'd actually
liked this guy and was worried if she was melting from her tough girl types. She wanted to apologize to him but she had to
take the bus that was ready to leave. She was in a dilemma to do what. she went near the bus and looked at him if he was
coming towards her. There was this guy who surely saw her and identified but didn't try to come and talk to her instead he
was looking at the watch and bus coming. So she thought maybe he was a nice guy and was hurt by my reaction and she felt bad
and got into the bus. The moment the bus started to move she turned one more time to see Karthik running towards her
direction searching for her, but it was little late. The bus had moved and only she could see him and he was still searching

For the whole week, her mind was filled with Karthik and whatever happened these few months. She was not sure as why all of
this is happening, why she and karthik bumps into each other. Is this what they call the SERENDIPITY ? She was not sure.
But, one thing she was sure, the next time if fate shows him to me, I got to go to him and Apologize to him.


It'd been a month now, Karthik had completed his activities and had to return back to India today. He was packing all of his
things. He checked to see if it was heavy, he felt it to be lot lighter compared to the weight his heart was carrying. He
could not understand this.

"Why is this feeling for a girl whose name also I don't know" He asked himself. Though he didn't get an answer he knew that
it was happening to him.

"Am I in love with this girl? How can it be..What I know about ever she will like me..." He was confused.

"Will I ever meet her? May be she was from Singapore and settled here. May be I met her in Chennai when she was on a vacation
or something. May be she is married..." all kinds of thought were goin through him as he picked up his luggage and started
towards the hotel lobby.

He checked out and was travelling in the CAB towards Changi airport he was thinking "So as I leave Singapore I should leave
her thoughts here for sure. There is no point taking an extra luggage with me in my mind back to India for nothing" - He
decided. In the flight he was trying to think he'd not carried any extra weight, and that made him feel light.


Aditi reached Chennai airport and picked up her luggage and was moving out of the arrival gate where her father was waiting
for her. She waved her hands to him without any excitement and he took her luggage and they went towards their car. As they
started to move out of the airport, she glanced at this fellow coming out of the arrival and was none other than Karthik. She
wanted to shout to her father to stop the car and go running towards him and say Sorry and say what she feels about him. She
couldn't do so, she continued to look at his direction whilst her father was asking her about the trip.

"Aditi...Are you ok" Her father asked concerned.

"Fine dad, just feelin tired" she tried to cover it up

"Ok we'll be home soon and mom would be waiting for you. We have a surprise for you...." He gave a wink at her.

she smiled back and nodded but never bothered to ask what that was.

At home, her mother was well prepared for her with dinner and on the dinner table she was telling about the alliance they've
found for her and told that his name was Aditya and he would be coming from his onsite trip next week and would come and meet
her that following Sunday. Her dad added, that he was a nice boy, he has met him once before that boy went to onsite and how
the boy respects elders very much, well educated and in a pretty decent job.

Aditi was not sure how to react, she had this surprise from her parents all of a sudden, shock of how to take it and worried
if she can start a new life with a new person

"Maa...I need time..." She said

"See you need to see your life and also us... we're getting old too..." Her father and mother told in unison

She couldn't say anything...just went into her room.


Karthik's friend raghu had invited him for his engagement function and there he was very surprised to see the girl standing
next to Raghu as his fiancée was none other than the girl who came with the mystery beach girl to the beach. He was very sure
about it. Karthik was excited, he could not resist his desire to find out about that girl.

"What about the resolution of not thinking about her...." his inner self asked him...

"I don’t have any resolutions.." he replied and shut him off.

After the function was over, Karthik could wait no longer and went straight to Raghu and told him everything and wanted to
know about that girl. He along with Raghu went to her to raghu's fiancée Megha and spoke about this.

"Aditi...are you talkin about her..." Mega asked..

"I dunno her name..but all I know is she is for me.." Karthik replied with confidence.

"I would suggest you to take it little slowly as she......." Megha started telling about Aditi and finally said "She is
still in a fragile state and not sure about a new relationship. So you better stay away from her and I won’t talk about you to
her as well".

Karthik said thanks to her and moved away.

"Hard luck buddy" Raghu consoled him. "Never mind" Karthik replied and left.


It had been 3 weeks since Aditi came back. Aditi was slowly preparing mentally to face the guy coming to meet her but somehow the thought of Karthik kept coming to her.
She was confirmed that he was a nice guy and would be a perfect understanding person for her.

"Is this some kind of telepathy or what" she asked herself thinkin about how she felt so comfortable with a guy whom she has
never met for more than twice or thrice, hardly spoken to each other yet this feeling.

Just then she received this call from an unknown mobile number...

"Hello..can I talk to Aditi ?" A guy's voice...

"Yeah speaking..may I know who this is?" She asked...

"Aditi, This is Karthik. The guy whom you met in the Singapore airlines and also on the beach. Now please don't hang up. I
know we have not known each other much or spoken to each other much. But from the moment I met you I really feel that you're
the girl of my life and I am not sure why I have this feeling that you too like me but not ready to show it. You might be
surprised thinking how I got your’s a long story, but I feel it’s all destined that we should talk to each other.
Would you mind coming to ECR beach this Sunday evening? please...I know it’s tough on you to go on a call of a near
stranger...but please..I would be waiting for you...." He said in one sentence and waited for her reply...

"But..Sunday..I have....." she started..
Karthi interrupted her and said

"Please Aditi....just once meet'll never regret it in your lifetime I promise..." he was pleading.

"Ok I will try...." She said and hung up.

Raghu was was looking at Karthik hanging up..

"Are you mad.....why do you have to do this? Things are goin in the right way for you and her too...why now you give a call
like this? your father had also finalizing on some alliance and she also getting close to marry someone..I don’t understand

Karthik smiled and said..."Just to make her comfortable that I am the right choice for her man..."


Aditi could not sleep for the next couple of days, she was battling with herself

"Should I go or not go ??" this was the question that was going through her mind...

Sunday morning her dad came to her and said "Aditya had called and said he'd meet you at Coffee day near Besant nagar at
sharp 7pm.He has your photograph so he must be able to identify you. Feel free to talk to him. I am sure he'd be the right
choice for you and you'll like him too.

Aditi thought "Karthik asked me to come by 5PM so may be I should go meet up with him to find out what he has to say and then
go to meet Aditya."

"fine by me you wanna join me when I meet Aditya?" She asked her parents.

"No, you both meet up and talk freely" Her father replied.

"That's fine dad..." She held his hands.


Karthik was standing in front of Aditi on the same place where he saw her for the first time.

"Is this destiny or what ?" He broke the silence...

Aditi looked at him and much to the surprise of Aditi, Karthik kept talking...

"This is where I we first saw each other and here we're standing in front of each other discussin about our life together
even though we haven’t talked much or met in the days between...I know all about you, your past and your fears about a new
life..I know you're goin to meet up with a guy today....You might be thinking why I called you after I know all of
these...don't you"

Aditi silence

"Because I have this strong feeling of you're mine and I am yours and I can understand you more than I can understand me...I
can be your faith, I can be your confidence...I can be your light showing the way of how life's lived....Trust me Aditi...."

Aditi was feeling little strange how she is standing in front of this guy whom she doesn’t know much, proposing to her. But,
she liked whatever Karthik said....She couldn't react to that. She was scared to take a decision, confused...

"I need to go...." She said with tears in her eyes....

"Ok fine.....I've told what I had to tell....finally I leave it to your decision... All the best in your life...bye for
now..." Karthik said and showed her the way....


Aditi was talking an auto and was goin towards Besant nagar to meet Aditya but her eyes were filled with tears and mind filled
with Karthik. She was thinking

"What should I do? should I accept Karthik and speak to parents about him? or should I accept Aditya ?? Parents seems to be
convinced about him.."

Just then her mobile started ringing and the screen reflected "Karthik Calling..............."

"Hi, I know you must be feeling terrible now for having met me and now you're going to meet the guy your parents have seen
for you...but I just called you to tell one last thing which I forgot...."

"What....." she asked

"You don't have to go to Besant Nagar instead go straight to your home and tell your dad that you've met Aditya...Karthik
Aditya and he has agreed for this wedding and has left the decision in your hands. Take care....Bye...." He hung up.

Aditi felt like it was all a dream.....What is this joke....she called her father and asked what's his full name was...

"Why suddenly?? his full name was Aditya Karthik or something..." He said..."But at their home they all call him Aditya" He

That was enough was Aditi...her happiness had no bounds...."OK dad talk to you at home" She sounded happy...

She was wiping the tears from her eyes which was not ceasing at all.....

She called Karthik again.....

"I need to meet" She was excited...

"To see me...all you need to do is ask the autowala to stop...." he said

"STOP...STOP you go" She paid the money hurriedly to the auto driver who was puzzled at her behavior...

She got out and looked around and there Karthik was standing on the opposite side with his bike...smiling at her....

Aditi ran towards him and stood right in front of him....there was silence.....tears were running over her cheeks...

"Can I have a ride ???" She asked him....

"Sure dear...I’ll take you for a ride in the wind...." he said and started his bike....

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