Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The good old new life....

The wedding hall was slowly getting empty. The guests were leaving one after the other and the crowd had dwindled into a group of close family people. Deepa was getting ready for this farewell of hers. She was a bundle of mixed emotions. She wasn't sure if she was happy, sad, scared, worried, tensed or what not, but she knew that each of these emotions were blended in a perfect composition just like a expert chef blends ingredients into his favorite dish.

She was coming out of her room with her wedding dress looking out at the happy group of family members expecting her. She could see her parents beaming proudly, her sibling, her aunts, uncles and few close friends. She couldn't imagine how her life has turned around in a span of 24 hours. Deepa'd kind of expected this, but in reality it was more overwhelming than she expected.

Her mother came to her and held her hands and kissed on her forehead. Deepa could see a drop of tears at the edge of her eyes waiting to break the barriers anytime. Deepa's eyes were looking around for he newly wed husband Tanmay. There he was standing with a smile, talking to his parents near the entrance of the hall. Deepa kept walking towards the door looking around at the settings. The same hall which was bustling with activity the previous night with people with happy faces, lights glittering all around, orchestra playing best songs and young n old dancing to the tunes as if there was no tomorrow. But, Deepa knew there would be a tomorrow which would not be so easy. She could not come to terms with the fact that how can the human mind go through these fluctuating emotions. Deepa was able to understand that life was all about Living In Fluctuating Emotions.

She was brought back from her thought by her mom, when she said

"Take care of health, don't argue or fight with their family members, try and adjust to the situation as it demands. Do call us once in a while..." She was crying her heart out now....

Deepa's eyes were also swelling with tears and she couldn't control a bit of it. She was hugging her mom and was crying.

"Don't leave me just like that ma, come and see me often..." She was crying like a kid.

"Stupid girl, how can we ever leave you. Have you ever thought of us without you.." Mother responded hugging her and wiping her tears which seemed to be Perennial now.

By then her dad came to her and said slowly to her

"Deepu, be a good girl there and take care. Never forget your mom & dad" - He could barely finish his statements before which his voice broke down.

He was tryin hard to hide his tears and wanted to put a brave front in front but he was just another loving dad who could not bear the sight of his cute little loving daughter moving to a different family saying bye to him.

"Papa....." Deepa hugged her dad and cried her hearts out. Her mom & dad joined.

"Why are you crying now...don't cry my sweet heart. This is a phase of your life, happy need to cherish it.." He was consoling her not realizing he was crying himself that makes Deepa cry more.

He wiped the tears from Deepa's eyes as her dad took her to Tanmay and his parents and said "Take care and she is little adamant so please bear with her" he said with an affection only parents can show.

"Don't worry, she's our daughter from now on" Deepa's mother in law replied.

Deepa turned towards the doorstep and saw the fully decorated car waiting for them to take her away from what she'd cherished till then.

Deepa's mind was brimming with thoughts, No more i can call my parents and sibling as my people, no more i can call the place where i was as my home, no more wakin up late and shout at mom for a cup of coffee, no more late night shows/movies, no more of these girlish tantrums at home. Can't wake up to see mom busy with her daily chores and Dad with his morning newspapers. No more daily tiffs with sibling, no more complaining on each other to mom and dad. No more Sunday afternoon lunch with family together, No more get together with good friends.

Will i have an identity for myself in the new place or should i shape myself in accordance to how others are more like water in a container. Why girls have to go through this? Why cant they stay with their parents after marriage. Why can't there be a mechanism where in the married people stay for sometime in each of the parents place. All kinds of thoughts, she couldn't realize what's this all about.

What if i have to see my parents or sibling, what if they need me by their side for whatsoever reasons. What life of a girl that she grows up to a beautiful maiden with the help of her parents and one fine morning dumps them for a guy coming for somewhere. Or is this the law of life? Mom would have done the same thing. But did she not handle it with such matured grace. Does it mean mom was happy leaving her parents place? She would have had her own sorrows, losses, disappointments but she had taken it all to be with her man of choice. After all this is LIFE - Living in fluctuating emotions.

That's when she felt the warmth of Tanmay's palms in hers. Tanmay held her hands firmly and came close to her ears and whispered

"I can understand what you feel now baby..though i can't say that there is no change whatsoever but can say one thing that this change would never make you regret in life. would play my part to make sure your life remains pretty much the same and you relish the future as much as you did your past if not more..."

She looked at his eyes and he meant it.

"......." she didn't have any words to utter just laid her swollen face on his shoulders to let him know that she trusted him like never before and Tanmay could feel her tears on his shirt.

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