Monday, May 12, 2008

The final battle...

I am a warrior, thats how i would like to call myself. I fight battles never want to be bogged down by whom i fight with, how powerful they were. I was facing the eye of my bitter enemy in the middle of the battle field. He was standing giving me a stare from yonder. My heart was beating much faster now. I could see that he was holding his weapon pretty strongly. From the way he gripped it i could see that i wanted me to be gone. I was sure scared a bit but was not gone yet. I was as determined as him to take him on. I was holding my weapon on my hands too. I was well prepared with my full set of armory to safeguard me from his barrage of attack.

I could see him making strategic placements of his troops, i could see one moving from behind me to a different position from where he can attack me. He had men in all position to attack from all the sides. I was taking into account where and how i can move making sure what to expect from whom.

I was clearly outnumbered by the opposition, i had my friend and he is no less a soldier than mine. He gave me a comforting look and said "We're the last hope, We should do it for all of our brothers who are defeated. Even if we fall we should have made the impact"

"Nothing to lose, everything to gain.." i nodded and prepared myself to face the final battle.

"Attack" was shouted one guy who was across in front to my left and my enemy raised his weapon against me to fire, I used my weapon to catch him off guard and ran for shelter as fast as i could. My friend was fully supporting me using his weapon he was covering me and was running to.

The next 2-3 of shots were taken at him and he manged to survive them and we both were progressing well...managed to deceive their soldiers and march on. We were at the door step of victory and my enemy had only 2 shots at me all he need to do was to knock me with that.

There he fires his shot and man it was a great one and it hit my shoulder and i fell down. I was grimacing in pain. My friend came running to me and said "come on mate you can do this, don't worry we're almost there. Just the final salvo...and who else but you can do it..."

I was more determined than ever and i got up to face him for one final time. My mind was full of varied emotions, determination, fear, anticipation. I was not sure what he'd do now, i looked around to see where the others were and what they're upto. I adjusted my armor and held my weapon. I could see everyone closing on me with thier shouts to intimidate me.

My enemy swung his weapon at me and i was able to make a perfect contact with mine and i saw his weapon flying away and he was stunned to see such a move from me. The others were trying to cover him came running towards the main field, before which i could run and reach the castle. My enemies were crest fallen and they've accepted their defeat.

There i was standing with hands raised as a victor never to be intimidated by the opposition and my friend was jumping in joy "We did it! We did it!" holding the stumps marked "CASTLE LAGER" in it. Yes, we have won, won the match handsomely.
It was a close cricket match and we were able to make it through at the end.

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