Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's a dull day...

This was my mood today for the whole of the day. Tired after traveling, some escalation mails, politics from top management, appraisal discussion with a team member, poor quality of deliverable from the team to name a few that made sure that i remained that way for the day.

Tried my best to motivate myself, just to end up in a call where my team was bluntly blamed for not showing much progress. I had to justify the work of the team and list out the issues that was stopping the progress. My client manager accepted that i had indicated these issues in the last call saved me from blushes.

Overall things aren't looking rosy in official side for the next month or so, as a team need to pull up the socks and perform much better. Lots of adversities waiting to challenge us, got to overcome them.

Personally as well, not a very exciting day, went very normally without much enthusiasm. Hopefully tomorrow will dawn much better.

I said to myself "Nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles"

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Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

well, life is always a jig-saw puzzle to solve, some days we find the right pieces some days we dont. Well, everything is a passing cloud maamse ... free yaa vidu. I am slogging close to 20 hrs a day at work, believe it ... but that is what it is today ...

I am a proud


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