Friday, June 12, 2009

Tearful adieu...

Today is one of the most painful day in my career so far. I felt so helpless and pained when i knew about the fate of some of my fellow colleagues for absolutely no fault of theirs. It was a real shame that how few greedy people can screw up(excuse me for my language) the life of many innocent individuals and families. The sheer enormity of this action against these poor folks left me contemplating what should we expect from life.

It brings utmost anger on the system that the people responsible are left free and poor scapegoats end up being in the wrong side and pay the price. Even though i am placed lots better (thankfully) at this juncture, i am still totally shaken up by the events happened around me.

With deep concern, I wish and sincerely pray for each of those friends whom i know and i don't know, for all the best in life. Hope they are able to start a new chapter very soon and back at their best of spirits.

"Every tear drop tells a story....every story has a tear drop"

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Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Well, its all part and parcel of this profession dude and I always keep in mind that, fate can throw that ugly smile on us too. Every sunset has a sunrise and we just have to wait for that... Pass on my heartfelt sympathies to your folks, tell them, life does not end here ...

I am a proud


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