Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Dream.

Traveling in the train to her relatives place, sitting right opposite to her was this handsome man reading a book. She had quite a few glances of this man, but he never looked at her. She was thinking that he is either arrogant or trying to avoid looking at her when she is seeing and wants to show off as a gentle man. either way she didn't like him, but at the same time she knew something in him that draws her to look at him.He was handsome, tall, average built overall looked a decent man. This was the first impression she had about him.

After few years of knowing each other and liking each other they were at last getting married in a simple function and all her friends were making fun of them by playing pranks. Amidst all laughter and fun, he sees a small droplet of tear on her eyes, which he wipes assuring and put his arms around her shoulders and pulls her towards him. That's when she gave him a look straight in his eyes and realized that he was her life.

The small weekend trip together when they went to the nearby hill station and sat next to each other on the edge of a jungle stream throwing water at each other, the one plate dinner under the blue dark sky with countless eyes twinkling and watching them, where he fed her and she acted as though she tried to avoid it. Those naughty pranks he made when she used to dress up in front of the dressing table and she would act as if she was furious with him, but the heart would yearn for more.

Those bitter arguments and hours of not talking to each other, would follow with his apologies in the form of various gifts, surprises and a lot of pampering. She had known very well that this was coming and she used to continue with her fake anger just to get more of him. On a Sunday morning, when she hinted him that she had conceived, he looked at her completely lost for words or reaction and held her hands tightly as if a kid holds his mom's hands. When she was admitted to the hospital for delivery, she saw at him tensed through the glass doors and felt that he was already carrying her and their baby. The drop of tear that fell in her arms, whilst he took the new born as she handed over to him and the warmth of the hug that followed were truly mesmerizing feeling for her.

Their baby's first smile, first turn, first crawl, first tooth, first standing, first words, first walk, in all of these she saw him only and that made her realize that he was more than a life for her. When he acts to lose those playful fist fights with their kid and get all those blows without showing any pain, all she did was to go by his side and calmly give him a gentle massage while he is busy losing to the kid.

When her father passed away, the way he took the responsibility on his shoulders and consoled her and her old mother made her feel that he is the pillar of support for her in life.

"When i saw you as my world, why you decided to leave this world without me. My palms would go dry w
ithout the moisture from your palms, My shoulders would droop without your shoulders hold it up. When i am so tensed and restless, there would be no calm as i cannot have a glance of your calm smiling face in front of me to make me feel better. Everyone thinks that you've lost your life, but then no one realizes that its not your life that's lost, but mine. Where are you, give me one smile, give me one hug, give me one signal that you're there for me when i need you every moment in life...Is everything became a dream.......yeah can't this be a dream......" - her mind was disconsolate, she was heart broken....There was no stop to her was streaming just like dreams....

"Honeyyyyy..waaaake upppppp! It'sss aaaaaaalreadyyyyyyy laaaaaaaate baaaaabyyyyyy...." - Rishi's voice echoed in her ears and Krupa woke up to a warm peck on her cheeks. She still had tears in her eyes...This time it was not a dream....


Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Though the end was quite predictable, the narration was good. Especially that "thousands of eyes watching them, dark night, sitting on the edge of a stream" that literally flashed once in front of my eyes :-)

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful begining and a lovely ending..(ofcourse not and ending)

Please write parts of this..

Very nice one..

I am a proud


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