Friday, July 24, 2009

Sorry "STATE" of affairs.

This one is a totally offline post from me. This is on the recent announcement of pay hikes to the Tamilnadu legislators and that's not it they have been promised a land allotment within the city for them to build house, 2,5ground for each of the 273odd MLA. Now in the whole of India, TN legislators are drawing the largest salary.

When i read this news, i couldn't come to terms with it for just one reason. On one side government cries that they're pretty low in fiscal balance for the welfare measures of public, but then they have money for this. 50K per month for these so called legislators "FOR WHAT ?????", just because they won election they becomes the voice of people (can anyone of you tell me that your local MLA or MP talks what you want from them ??). We the tax payers are the money vending machines for any government and we don't have a say in this? Is there a glitch in our system???

More irritating to hear is about the land allotment. 2.5 grounds near sholinganalur(look @ the area for choice) for building home as if these people do not have any house(barring few exceptions).

One reason i hate politics is the simple facts that, it's no more public service,it's profession and all the talks of running the country in corporate style have made it more of a profession. I don't mind it but then when you wanna run it in corporate style set norms for selection of people to run as well.

Take most of the money spinning sectors, you'd invariably see these so called legislators on the background in some way or other. Is that not enough, they want more ? what's the limit for their greed?? i don't get any answer. already lots of money is wasted on providing security to these people(i don't understand if they're so scared why do they even come to public life). Do common man asks for protection?? what protection he has got ? People were shot dead in Mumbai just like sitting ducks, did the man who survived asked for Z-category?

I have no issues in the tax payer money going to poor and needy or the deserving. I hate to get into politics but then i couldn't bear the mere sight of this news in the paper. I know things would never change, but it's just the frustration i am trying to let out through this post.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar said "Thani oru manidhanukku unavillayenil jagathinai erithiduvom" (let's burn the world if one single man doesn't have food for him). Just pondering, how many time should we burn this jagam? or how many jagam should we burn?


Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

The day where all political parties are burnt alive in this country, then only our country will improve. Shoot at sight order for any MLA who does not keep up his word or promise. If we shoot 50 MLA's automatically INDIA will come back on track.

Shylu said...

Hm..they are trying to harvest what they have put in to become a MLA.For them "self,power and money" comes before their duty.Realization should happen from their side..

We as individuals are just spectators to the happening..Maybe voicing concerns as a group might help to a certain extent.

Chan said...

@ sats - then there wud be a mad rush to get seat for bye elections and get seats to do just this :P
@ Shylu, very true.

Heard in news that NSG head has written that they should be removed from politicians security to national security against terror. Felt really good!

Manisha Patnaik said...

You Spoiled ur template AgAiN???..!!Come on..

Chan said...

@Manspat - really...for me it shows ok...

I am a proud


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