Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exam Hall - Tagged by Satish

My experiences with exams....Well, quite a few. Let me bring few of those from my memory.

When i was in school, it was always about finishing the exam in the shortest time. If i finish the paper in one hour it's a great achievement for me. The more time it takes to complete, the less macho it is for me. One such exam, not sure which class i was in, probably 7th or 8th, it was Tamil paper. I had completed the exam in around 1 hour. Frankly i wrote everything i knew :P. I folded the answer paper and was sitting so casually. At that time our tamil teacher was doing the rounds to clear some doubts in the question paper for some folks. She was so agitated to see me sitting in 1 hour with folded answer sheet. She came straight to me and asked "What do you think you're doin?" I replied with nonchalance "Completed the paper, the invigilating teacher is not taking the answer sheet, askin me to sit for another hour" This probably irritated her much more. She asked "did u recheck your answers?". "yes, i did twice already" that was me, equally upto her. That's it she could not take anymore, she looked into my answer sheet end to end and threw it telling "this is not enough" and gave me a slap. I was shaken a bit but became so furious, how can she slap me in front of the class, that too for completing the exam paper. I shouted back like mad at her "Ezudinadhukku mark podunga..adhu podhum..adikara velaiyellam venaaam" (you evaluate for what i've written don't hit me ever again). From that day she used to maintain a distance with me.

Then when i was in class XI, we used to have exams in our auditorium. Each of us would get a desk and chair. We used to pass our question paper and even sheets of answer paper for others to copy. It was more of a thrill than actually copying. During the exam, our way of passing answer sheet would be like this. If my friend wants answer to some question, he would whisper the qtn number to me as he crosses me to get extra sheets. By the time he comes i wud keep it on the right side of the desk. When he crosses, i wud wantedly drop it and he wud drop his sheet and tadaaaa...we would swap the sheets while taking back. Once the same thing happened, just when we swapped the sheets..i was so happy on the achievement and with beaming looks turned around just to see our economics teacher staring at me from the window. God knows how scared i was..she came straight to me and asked "what sir, need any help to pass answer sheet to anyone??" I was like "oops that was a mistake teacher" before i could complete my ears were in her fingers and "Whooaaaaaaa what a pain" ...it pains even now.

We used to use log books for copying. Yes, for physics, maths papers important formula used to be on the last pages. But, in our school they used to give log sheets. Just to get the log book to see the formula, we used to write with ink pen over n over on the numbers of the log sheet. then we used to complain that numbers are not visible and hence we need log books. During the exam they cannot take new xerox copies so they used to bring log books and give. We used to happily copy the formula :)

One final episode when i was doin my PG. Everyday when we start the exam the guy who sits next to me used to open 3 bubble gums and start chewing. I thought, this fellow has this habit to concentrate on the exam.This was happening for 3 days. Fourth day i saw when he spat the bubble gum it was a huge ball. I was so confused how come this big bubble gum, probably he took 4 or 5 today. Next day i was so curious to find out and was planning to ask him. Exam started and was going on. Casually i turned towards him, shocked to see him putting the bit papers in his mouth and started chewing with the bubble gum. Daily he used to do this.I was so stunned by his creativity ?!?!?! hehehehe

Satish, nothing like your experiences, but that was a different tag. Thanks mate!


The Rat... said...

Lolzz.... u are giving ideas to our student community pa..

and kalakrel.. u really shouted out the Tamil teacher ah?? great.... i wud have stood there in humiliation.. salute mate

Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Woowwww, bit in bubble gum ??? man he is my guru then, we were not so creative at that time. Passing out in BITS is always a pressure ;-))

Shylu said...

Economics teacher kaadhe thirugana katchi kannu munnadiye nikkuthu!!!
Well written!!!

Chan said...

@ Rat, anniku avanga vayasukku mariyadhai thandu tirumba adikala...:P
@Sats, pressure aa illa pleasureaa???
@Shylu, seriously she is damn gud at it.

I am a proud


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