Monday, March 22, 2010

Tweet up @ Chennai

Satish had planned for a tweet up (first for me) in Bessy beach yesterday. The invitees were

NilaRaseegan, Naveen, Aparna, Sriram, Lavanya & Sriram, Amrita aka Cherrie, Shylaja aka Shylu, Ratzz, Prithi, Chennaigirl, Manisha aka manspat and of course your's truely.

It'd been quite some time since i met Satish, a very good friend of mine, so grabbed this opportunity to catch up with him and also thought would be good to put faces to the folks whom we read through their blogs n twits.
As i went to Bessy beach, there was a mad crowd (being a sunday evening). Then zeroed in to the location where the folks were standing. Sats, Amrita, Shylu and Nilaraseegan were talking. Initial intros were followed by general discussion on general topics.
Satish informed that few of them couldn't make it (Manspat, Chennai Girl, Ratzz, Lavanya & sriram, Priti due to their non availability). Then we were joined by Naveen n Aprarna.
When you know someone you put a face to each of them and when you meet most of the times the faces never even comes close to the ones you put. This time it was no different.
Sat on the beach sands and started discussing on variety of topics. Soon, the topic of marriage seemed to hijack the meeting. Manspat had twitted her apologies for not making up to Sats.
Satish was his usual non stop laughter self....doing the talking in a free flowing way...especially when the topics were his favourite marriage and Bangalore. Don't lose your sense of humor mate...

Nilaraseegan was his reserved self. I was thinking probably he was thinking of some new story or kavidhai ;-). I am a big fan of your tamil writing and keep writing more mate.

Amrita - Poor her, she was a victim of language barrier for most of the part. But, when she got invovled she was just as wonderful as her writing. Definitely this challenging phase of urs will pass in a jiffy....

Shylu - Successfully managed to balance her time between getting involved in the discussions as well as doubling up as official intepretor for Amrita.

Naveen n Aparna - were quite a combo...While Naveen seemed to be the quieter persona, Aparna was more expressive about her thoughts. Enjoyed their conversation, especially the "public..public" bit of it. Wishing you both in advance for a blessed married life.
In the middle of the discussion, there was a few guys campaigning for "Go Green" came and explained about how we're "abusing" our planet and how we can show that "we care" by voluntarily switching off all the lights between 8:30pm -9:30pm.
After an hour we all called it a day and returned back not before Sats was made to pay for the mangoes on the beach stall. All in all it was a pleasure meeting these great folks(friends) and special thanks to Sats for arranging this. For the people who missed out this time, there's always a next time :-)


Swetha Guptha said...

hmmmm missed it this time :(

Manisha said...

Oh..!! How much i wanted to make it..!! :(
Next time.. will be there with a bang..
like they say..
Late aa vandhaa enna, latestaa varuvum namma....!!

Srivats said...

Gosh I wish i could have been there would have met all these wonderful ppl.

Chan said...

@all, Chk the last para in my posts..Der's always a next time folks :)

chennaigirl said...

Nice to hear that u all had a good time. ;)

Satish N said...

yaa mate ... it was fun to attach faces to names and also it gives us an opportunity to debate on varied topics which would interest the entire crowd :))

It was fun to meet all of them and of course we still have our lunch / dinner plan pending :)

Chan said...

@CG, Thx...u try to make it next time around.
@Sats, Yes mate...we shall catch up sometime comin weekend...

Amrita said...

Never actually "followed" your blog, but now that I know you in person, I am going to (Dont take it as a favor, I dont follow things I dont want to :D ) So here s me officially blogrolling ya :) Was a pleasure to meet u and Satish since I know you both as visitors to my blog. The others were strangers to me, so not much of a change there.
And shylu yea shes alwaysssssss a sweetheart :D

Amrita said...

Anddddddd I am Amrita NO H PLEASE or Cherrie :) my dad kept the spelling with ie and I prefer it that way. And dont worry buddy, am too used to the language barrier :) In fact if i am in a crowd where everyone understands Hindi or Oriya, I feel ill at ease, as in yea kahan aa gai main :S

Chan said...

@Amrita, welcome n thanks.

Shylu said...

Hm...was a pleasure meeting Satish,Aparna,Naveen,Nilarasigan and of course you..

Of course
"When you know someone you put a face to each of them and when you meet most of the times the faces never even comes close to the ones you put. This time it was no different."

this holds very true...but then u did outsmart your photos too.. :-)
I had pictured you with a big tummy..ha ha :-)

Shylu said...

@Amrita a biiiiiig thanks for your enormous love!!

I am a proud


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