Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uncanny Average for Murphy...

I am at my thoughtful best…..

Last couple of months the work has been hectic, the schedule and effort variances gives you nightmares with the team struggling to cope up with the pressure. Cross functional teams, showing their "I don't care attitudes" with your head at the firing line. Just when you put that extra bit to make sure of completion, your cross functional team member walks to you and say "Chan, I made a mistake in that task, because of which we need to redo all of the things that we did for the last week" - Life is tough!! Murphy Smiles :-)

A long expected bonus (which is a sizeable amount) comes and you'd planned so many things to be done with that, that's when the well in your home goes dry and no water for 10 days and mom shouts "Chan you don't take care of house hold things always sit in the office" and you end up spending it for drilling a bore - Life is tough!! Murphy smiles :-)

You're trying to book IRCTC tickets in tatkal, when you sit in front of your monitor from 7:30am for the clock to strike 8am, with never ending trials just to see the "tatkal opens after 8AM" messages popping up. And, just as the time is 8, you click to enter the details in a sense of urgency and press "GO", all you see is a "SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE" and you try couple of more times from step 1, just to see ticket status "WL7" - Life is tough!! Murphy smiles :-)

You wait for an eternity for something good to happen soon, plan for so many things in life based on that, comes one single call from nowhere and crash all your dreams in a minute - Life is tough!! Murphy smiles :-)

I just have one question, when Murphy's laws are proved time and again in life, why doesn't the law of averages work at least one time and make sure something goes well as expected???

Don't know what's wrong or where things go wrng or how things go wrong....

I am still musing…….


The Rat... said...

i stand at the stop daily for 15 mins in d morning... but sometimes wen i am late, several buses pass me without stopping, make me wait for 30 mins more for the next bus.. murphy smiles.. or Damn you Chennai Bus service!!

i had saved up enuf to buy a DSLR camera, being stringy enuf for months... only to get hospitalized and the bill comes double the price of a DSLR.. Murphy smiles... or to Hell with my office Canteen food..

:-) i dunno Chan, i am still wondering abt that :-(

Satish Nagasubramaniam said...

Ah, Life is the best magician who knows when to surprise us and what wud be the next trick he will pull on us would always be a mystery :)

But I cannot crib after my 175% bonus you see :))))

Swetha Guptha said...

In full sync with u

Chan said...

@Rat-Murphy always!!!

@Sat-That's watkeeps all of us goin..

@Swetha- Join the club :P

I am a proud


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