Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tagged Satish..

My gud friend Satish had tagged me and wanted me to answer these below questions. I've done that based on the current mood

1. What could be the 1 wish you will ask if a genie comes in front of you?
A: It'd be to ask for 3 more wishes and the 3rd wish would be another 3 wishes.

2. What could be the 1 period you would want to go in a time machine?
A: My childhood days.

3. What will be the 1 question you will ask if you happen to meet the captain of a UFO?
A: Err! Hope that thing doesn't run on Petrol/Diesel...

4. What will be the 1 thing you would do if you are to go invisible for 1 minute?
A: Would there be a start and stop button to indicate the 1 min??

5. What will be the 1 thing you do if you have 1 crore rupees rite now?
A: Would count it if its really 1 crore.

6. Who will be the 1 person with whom you would love to live life long, apart from your Parents, Partner, Bro or Sis (same sex)?

A: That would be a life time decision,hmmm...lemme think....

7. What is that 1 song which you always hum, without even sensing that you are humming it?
A: Keeps changing from time to time

8. What is that 1 mannerism in you which can be easily noticed by others?
A: May be my non stop conversations :) Not sure though!

9. What will be the 1 thing which you would want to take with you to your grave?
A: My body, just for the benefit of the people alive.

10. What is that 1 habit of yours, which are trying hard to get rid off?
A: I dont try to get rid off anything, i like to be me...

11. Who is that 1 person who deserves a tight slap from you rite now?
A: Myself for lot of things....

12. What is that 1 food item you will not say NO, anytime when offered?
A: Coffee!!!

13. Who will be that 1 dead famous personality, whom you would want to come back alive?

14. Who is that 1 teacher, you would not forget anytime in your life?

A: None specifically.

15. Who is that 1 friend, whom you are missing so much rite now?
A: Sridhar....busy with his own routine.

16. What is that 1 thing you would do if you know your death date?
A: Would just pray that i should forget the date. The greatest suspense in life is the death date..dont want to spoil the suspense.

17. What is that 1 thing which you are planning to dispose for a long time and hasn’t done it yet?
A: Nothing specific.

18. Who will be that 1 famous personality, with whom you would badly want to date?
A: Ana Ivanovic (as of today)

19. What will be the 1 lie which you have told, would want to be true?
A: I am the best !

20. Who is that 1 person with whom you are madly in crush rite now ?
A: One??? u must be kiddin....

I want all those who read this to tag.

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